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  1. I got my first round in with the V3 yesterday. Coming from Arccos the round went reasonably well with no more editing than I'd normally have to do with Arccos. I only had a few snags and think some of that may have been user error. For one all my putts were set to 2 ft range I had to edit that which was no big deal and I think it only missed one pitch and one chip. There was 2 holes that I emailed them about to edit so I'll see how responsive their customer service is. Overall I was pleased it was the first time I've ever played with a watch on so that took about 2 or so holes to get used
  2. I have 1 hybrid a cobra f9 4 hybrid. I'm 39 and have had as many as 2 in the bag but the second one was replaced by a 5 wood.
  3. from current gamers to my first with roughly how long I had them in play. Srixon 745/545 combo (14- currently in use) Mizuno MP67 (07-14) Taylormade R7 (05-07) Titleist 990 (first real major oem set) (99-05) and a Kmart Arnold Palmer set purchased in my early teenage years
  4. The 2 wedges you'd like to test (complete with finish, grind, bounce, shaft, etc.)? HLX 3.0 Black Smoke 50/8 C and Black Smoke 56/14 RJ both shafted with N.S. pro modus3 115 What is your favorite feature of the HLX 3.0 Forged wedges? I'm excited to try out the high helix cut face Current wedges? Bridgestone j15Do you agree to participate in an ongoing testing thread, posting reviews and high quality photos? Absolutely!
  5. I had 4 birdies two weekends ago and wound up with an 80. I had 4 pars, 9 bogeys and a triple for good measure. I feel like the biggest factor holding me back is my course management (and driver). I'm decently long enough and ball striking is good enough that I should be able to shoot in the mid 70s no problem. but I think mentally I need to be able to be comfortable shooting those types of scores b/c that's what happened with the triple I had. I just realized what I was doing and all of a sudden boom put up a 7 on an easy par 4. Oh well I know the day will come when I'm going to be livi
  6. Loft and flex of the SpeedZone and SpeedZone Xtreme drivers you want to test? 9 degree stiff right handedWhat is the biggest factor in buying a new driver? Does it pass the eye test and is dispersion better than what I have.Do you adjust your drivers after buying? I tinker a little at the range but for the most part once I settle on my optimal setting it stays there.Current Driver Setup? Cobra F9 9 degree set to 10.5 fuji atmos black XSWere you fit for that driver? I was fit for it at a Golf Galaxy but the XS gave me fits all last season with elbow tendonitis so I would love to go back to
  7. I bought one as well. I do believe that the intention of the smaller marker Is to use that if you’re on or near someone’s line because the main device is quite chunky and could be a distraction if near a playing competitors line. I’ve only used it once (due to the golf just opening up in western Pa). But think it could be a useful tool and look forward to getting more rounds in with it.
  8. I've had my 2.1 for about 3 months now. Been rolling it on my indoor mat up until yesterday (darn western Pa winter). While the green's are no where near midseason form I did drop a 30 footer and lag putting was about what I'm used to. I'm excited to see how this putter works with smooth greens. So far I'm loving the weighting / feel of the putter and don't even notice how big it is anymore. I'd definitely recommend anyone that's on the fence with this putter to give it a try. Fantastic company and Sam Hahn is super responsive on here and he even gave me a call regarding my remote fitti
  9. I ordered on Nov 16 and haven't heard anything but randomly logged into my fedex app and saw a package from tourstriker had shipped two days ago and expected delivery by next Tuesday the 21st. We'll see I'm excited to get it and start working on some of the early protocols but unfortunately I don't have enough space to do full swings. Either way excited to get this and see if if can help my ball striking this season!
  10. I got the F9 driver from them last year and I believe it was drop shipped direct from Cobra. I had a ton of trade in credit so didn't get any real discount but it was the real deal.
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