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  1. I'll buy a set here for £899 and forward them onto you for 2000 if u like... A few online retailers here have them inc 'lefthandedgolf.co.uk' I'm sure they'd ship to usa.
  2. X forged heads made in china Don't know about the mb's. Someone who has them have a look what it says on the plastic seal around top of the 8i shaft please
  3. Agreed What a stupid thing to post.... this isn't youtube.
  4. Good friend of mine runs a TM performance fitting center. He was at TM meeting last week in London and seen both drivers in hand.
  5. Dunno if it's already been mentioned here... M3 still has 2 sliders in a V shape on the sole.
  6. real nice!... but id be getting myself a new Bag like 'yesterday' those rubber looking dividers look like they'll wear chrome of the shafts.. back to the forgings on the MB and x forged '18 callaway sites says "1025 Carbon Forged from a single billet" on the MBS (so id guess Endo Forged) yet for the X forged theres no mention of 1025 forged / single billet. just says there "triple net forged"
  7. Shaft label says heads are made in china I'm pretty sure the 2018 x forged aren't endo forged anymore The font on the soles is way bigger than the '13 x forged,
  8. bridgestone j33 - Endo (prob most / all bridgestones forged still endo to date) callaway x forged 2007 / 2009 / 2013 and Razr x forged - Endo Callaway X forged 2018 .... ?? not sure yet nike vr 2009/2010 blades - Endo Nike 2014 VR pro blades - Endo nike VR split cavitys - Endo Nike Vrs Forged - Endo
  9. I just got a set of 18' x forged from USA for a real good price im very disappointed though.... dunno if its been discussed already here but on the plastic band on the 8i shaft it says "Shaft - USA" "Assembled - Mexico" & Head "CHINA"! so obv not ENDO forged anymore like all the previous X forged,(unless Endo have a plant in China now? far as I know its Japan & Thailand...) I havnt even took the wraps off yet cause I don't really like the head shape anyway. think I'll probably be moving them on. my '13 X Forged are way better looking and Endo. I had last years Apex pro
  10. I really don't know what everyones fussing about here.... the Photo the chap uploaded in Post #77 showing his online chat with someone at taylormade sets it out very clearly the TM rep says "its just the '2nd generation of the M2 / it just sounds a little different' in other more simple words hes saying "its just THIS YEARS M2 head and obv it sounds different to the 2016 m2 head" I have a new tour issue '17 head here with 'K' in the middle of serial, im selling it shortly and I WILL NOT be mentioning the 'K' and falsely claiming that its a v2 head or any other BS anyone doing this is
  11. Did ur club guy move them easily or struggle? The long irons lofts on mine look Weak, and as expected they balloon a bit Havnt had them checked yet
  12. Has anyone any experience with Bending these irons? If so how many degrees, and how hard are they?
  13. They are announcing that Rory is their new #1 guy, and that tiger is out soon as his contract ends.
  14. Matrix Velox / VCLT SP 60 driver shaft for Big Bertha drivers Shaft is direct from Callaway Custom dept length is just over 44.25" - plays STD 45.5" length in drivers new orange multi compound round used at range only, shaft has no marks on it £90 Shipped UK (royal mail special delivery) £110 to Europe - UPS courier with tracking can post to usa/Canada, but its expensive, around £30 for UPS
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