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  1. Would graphite shafts be the same as senior flex?
  2. My wife has been fitted into regular flex shafts for her irons and woods. She needs new wedges and we're getting ready to buy some. I want the shaft flex in the wedges to match the regular flex of the irons. It seems that all wedges that are sold are either stiff flex or wedge flex. From my understanding the wedge flex still fits more in line with stiff flex then it does with regular flex(correct me if I'm wrong). What should I buy or do to get the flex to match up to regular?
  3. [quote name='aussiegolferer' timestamp='1423168596' post='10892153'] FLEW HORSCHEL BY A MILE, LETS GO TIGER [/quote] He was 8 yards closer to the hole
  4. I've searched and read and every set has a devoted following. So which is the best set out? Mp-54, 64, ap2, apex, etc.. You tell me but I'm looking for peoples opinions that have hit several of them and not people just endorsing the only set they've ever hit. If you can't definitively say then give me two or three sets to hit to save me some time. Thanks
  5. [quote name='hh2nd' timestamp='1422562585' post='10842993'] [quote name='TigerStrong' timestamp='1422562405' post='10842967'] Wonder why Tiger just played out of turn? [/quote] Probably just video editing [/quote] Patrick Reid and tiger both clearly played out of turn in front of jordan spieth unless spieth had already hit and was hitting a provisional.
  6. [quote name='MarkCPA' timestamp='1401729015' post='9414577'] Before I started volunteering for the tournament, I always like to split my time sitting behind no. 14 and no. 16. No. 14 is a tough par 3 that usually winds up on the tour's hardest par 3 scoring lists at the end of the year. No. 16 is a reachable par 5, so you'll see everything there depending on pin location. Nearly caught a Paul Azinger shot in the head there a few years ago and met Jennifer Mills (former Golf Channel personalty) there as well. Concessions and restrooms are very close on both holes and there is shad
  7. I'm going next week on Tuesday and Thursday. Any good spots to set up a seat at? Where is best place to stay? Are there any lighted driving ranges nearby to hit at in the evening? Just never been and looking for advice from someone who has
  8. Which one is the best? Or do ya have one besides those that you feel is better?
  9. Got a whole bag custom fit minus the putter. I'm looking for the best putter fitting. I've heard a lot of good things about edel. Is this the best or are there better options?
  10. What's my best bet? Seeing they're $15 a weight I don't really want to buy one of of each weight. Is their somewhere I can buy a weight kit with several different ones in their or am I going to have to buy them all individually. If that's the case what size should I start with.?I'm hitting a hook and want to make the toe heavier.
  11. I already have the shafts I want played in them so is there somewhere I can buy the heads only and save a little money?
  12. I noticed on video yesterday I was flipping a little. So today at the range I went to a release low and left. I didn't miss one left but about every ball I hit had a little cut spin on it. Contact was much better, just about all hit sweet spot. I've been hitting it off the heel for a while prior to today. But it's producing a tad too much sidespin. What can I do to correct this?
  13. [quote name='FadeOnly' timestamp='1374417527' post='7504608'] WatchESPN [/quote] Is there any other way? I'm working on getting on there but if I can't get into it is there another option?
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