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  1. I've used wooden dowels from home depot, I would pull the grip off and take a club with you to see what size fits well. Also golf works has different sized ones I've used as well the smaller ones worked well but are more expensive. I would NOT go 2" with the wooden dowels, the ones from golf works you can do 2".
  2. My daughter age 11 is 73lbs and 58", she played the Ping Prodig's built to 57" us kids specs for about 1/2 a year and then switched to Flynn's new heads with Zelos 6 steel shafts. We ordred 1 head and built it to test and then ended up ordering 5 thru PW. Her dispersion and ball striking was much better with the Flynn with Zelos 6. We build a Ping Prodig with the same zelos 6 and she liked the Flynn better. I liked the Flynn since they had a 5 iron which she had some difficulties with but now hits it really well now. We've been testing some adult heads with zelos, but she's still n
  3. We've been thinking about getting a chipping/putting green for the backyard around 500 sq. feet. Wanted to get people's thoughts who have one and if they would do it again. If your in CA and the company did a great good would appreciate references. We really are looking for something that we can pitch/chip to up to 40 / 50 yards and hold the greens. Thanks
  4. The nippon Zelos line is great depending on a weight look into the zelos 6 or the zelos 7.
  5. My daughter is 11 and on the smaller side 4'8" weights about 68 lbs and we've been using both Ping Prodig and the new Flynn irons. I've tinkered with adult heads for her for about the last year using lighter heads from Taylormade and Mizuno, but ultimately we go back to her jr. clubs they are just more consistent for her age/weight and swing speed. I would be careful on the ladies clubs sometimes they can be even heavier then men's clubs since they are shorter to get the swing weights up. We have friends who have switched over but most of the girls that are playing adult heads are much taller
  6. Daughter age 11 just received word that she has a stress fracture in the L5. No golf for min. of 6 weeks maybe up to 12 weeks will know more in the next 2 weeks. Anyone else been thru this and has it been a reoccurring issue?
  7. We've used pool noodles, just cut them down and shove them down the bag. Not a bad option, depending on how the stand works stays pretty good in place.
  8. Thanks do you recall what weights you’ve seen? I’m on the fence about buying a set and don’t want to pull the trigger if there like 2 or 4 grams I need them to be 8 to 10 grams to make a difference.
  9. Do you know the range? Trying to understand if the weigh 2 grams or like 10 grams or something in between on a std length set
  10. Anyone know how much the weights in the 2011 TM MC and/or CB irons weigh?
  11. I got a great deal on a set of new older stock Callaway MD4's 52,56,60 we bent them 1 degree strong and did the grinding to take off some weight.
  12. MB19, that would be me. Glad it worked out. Was an expensive experiment, my daughter wanted a matching wedge set so had to go a different direction.
  13. Thanks I just bought a zelos 6, going to try it in a ping prodig head and compare to the ping graphite.
  14. That's good enough for me, I'm guessing then in the 80 gram range.
  15. Does anyone know how much the US Kids TS3 steel shafts weigh?
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