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  1. I'd love the opportunity to win this Bettinardi BB55 CB putter. Why? Because draining everything in sight would be a good problem to have!
  2. I don't think you're gonna feel much difference with a 10-12 gram weight. I'm a big fan of counter balancing and currently have a BCG #7 drop-in weight in a Bobby Grace Artist Series (BCG #7 = 70 grams). I experimented with a few different weights and the 70 gram one felt the best to me. There was enough there that really added the stable feel I was looking for. If you have the ability to try a few different weights, I would begin there. It's all a matter of preference though, but I can certainly say that counter balancing is the only way I'll go. Hope that helps. (Check out Balance Certified Golf: [url="http://www.balancecertified.com/store.html"]http://www.balancecertified.com/store.html[/url])
  3. Really like the GolfWRX Eagle Putter Headcover, Faux Blue Ostrich......velcro closure would get the job done! Thanks for a great opportunity to showcase GolfWRX in style!!
  4. True Temper Dynamic Gold has always been a solid performer and has firmly solidified is place as the "Gold" standard. I would love the opportunity to go back to them. Great giveaway! Thanks!
  5. The Bobby Grace Classic Production Series, as well as the Triumph and F-22 are now available at [b]Golfio.Com[/b]. [b][url="http://www.golfio.com/golf-putters/15.html"]Bobby Grace at Golfio.Com[/url][/b]
  6. [quote name='seaweed88' date='05 July 2010 - 06:54 PM' timestamp='1278370482' post='2556233'] [quote name='phelps22' date='05 July 2010 - 11:11 AM' timestamp='1278342716' post='2555531'] Call Bobby Grace. He still has the weights and wrench for the the m series putters. I bought a kit from him a couple of months ago for $29. [/quote] Thanks for the reply's! I will try and find the Bobby Grace site because I would really like to pick up a kit. I will go now and try the drill bit in the vice. Thanks for the help! [/quote] [url="http://www.bobbygraceputters.com/"]Bobby Grace Putters[/url]
  7. Looks like a good deal to me. They seem to be in pretty good shape too. I'm still gaming mine and love 'em. Good luck if you decide to pull the trigger!
  8. Bobby’s currently working on getting these putters into retail outlets and green grass pro shops around the country. If you don’t see them where you shop he’d encourage you to ask for them. Lamont, you are correct in that this production line is not currently manufactured at his Florida facility which, I suppose, is a choice that several businesses are faced with making in the current economic environment. It makes the most sense right now with respect to his business following the split from MacGregor. Putters are a very personal thing; probably the most personal piece of equipment in anyone’s bag. I’ve been a collector of Bobby’s putters (mostly handmades) for years. I love the beauty of the old stuff, have seen the progression of his line through the years with Cobra, MacGregor and the several times he’s been out on his own and I really feel strongly about the technology, look and feel that he’s brought to this current line. I feel like it’s all come together in a big way. Like I’ve said previously, it’s his best work IMHO and I think people really need to see and try the new stuff first hand. Again, it’s challenging as he’s working on the distribution channels; but it’s really just a matter of time. I will try to provide updates when I can. Here’s a link to a thread where a few wrx'ers review their first experiences with the new ‘Triumph’: [url="http://www.golfwrx.com/forums/topic/332010-bobby-grace-putters/"]The New Triumph[/url]
  9. Pics of the New 2010 Production LineI thought I’d post some pictures of the putters in Bobby’s new production line. There are 4 models in the ‘Classic Battleground Series’ and one (so far) in the ‘AMG (All Machine Grace) Production Series’. His new line is the best he’s put out in my opinion and the new HSM insert expands the sweet spot beyond just the center of the face, so that the ball still has a chance of getting to the hole even on mis-hits off the heel and toe. Beyond ‘MOI’ (which Bobby was one of the first to incorporate in putter design), no one else has successfully widened the sweet spot on a putter. With the ‘Triumph’ model in the AMG Production Series, he combines the best of both worlds: a putter with an MOI at an unheard of 8700 (one of the highest MOI #’s in a standard length putter) and the expanded sweet spot with his new HSM insert. These putters are already in some stores but look for them to hit more retailers and pro shops very soon. I'm also told that the inserts on the 'Classic Battleground Series' will be available in black, and not the red you see in the pictures (similar to the insert on the 'Triumph). According to Bobby an informercial is in the works. In the mean time check out the R&D robotic testing video that demonstrates the new HSM in his putters and how they stack up against the competition. I've also included some pics of the Tour Prototype AMG F22 (non production). More info is available on Bobby's website: Bobby Grace Putters Enjoy! 'Bobby Grace Putters • Hole Seeking Material • Three Sweet Spot Putter Technology' http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zIiTrYjK6-U&playnext_from=TL&videos=fry4hHMRA7g Classic Battleground Series: Shiloh Jericho Jordan Megiddo AMG Production Series: Triumph Tour Prototype AMG F22
  10. These wedges looks outstanding! I'm very grateful to have an opportunity to win one.
  11. The setup looks outstanding! I'm very grateful to have an opportunity to win this driver.
  12. I'd love to give this driver an opportunity to kick my Titleist out of the bag. Sweet lookin' stick!
  13. Great looking flat stick. If I were to win I think I'll have to start putting left handed! Thanks for the opportunity!
  14. Very good article/interview. Brad's as down-to-earth as they come.
  15. [quote name='Big Ben' post='1940817' date='Sep 9 2009, 08:08 AM']I'm not switching, screw that! BB[/quote] +1!
  16. I gotta believe deep pockets are paying bonuses to any staffers that win with one in the bag.......not so much a concern for Woody for obvious reasons...
  17. Looks good on paper, looks great in pictures, would look even better in my hands!! Who wouldn't want to game it. Thanks for the opportunity! Cheers! :drinks:
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