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  1. shipping US. Possible trades similar profile shaft as 2.0 but 70g weight range. GD AD XC, hzrdus black RDX, etc. SIM2 or TSI3 driver lower lofts better. Tad Moore raw Tm-5 35” $OLD Nike Unitized Tiempo 35” $OLD Tensei Av white prototype 2.0 65 TX tipped 1”. TM tip. Plays 45” in M5. $125
  2. Headed up Friday. Hell of a spreadsheet. Thank you.
  3. More good points. This is WRX, thought everyone here buys "tour issue" stuff. specs on the wrapper.
  4. Bought here on wrx as experiment. No go for me. $100 35” raw starting to patina nicely. Tad Moore TM-5
  5. Cleaning out shop and found this. I think this was the “lost in the Covid mail” shaft from last year. Showed up several months later. TM Adaptor. 43” tipped 1”. $sold shipped in US
  6. 8802 sold unitized tiempo 34” loft/lie? Cheers, tf
  7. I grabbed M5 with a couple more degrees loft from previous set up and money!
  8. Agreed. My priority was 100% based on dispersion and windy condition play. It has been outstanding for me.
  9. I would describe it more stable. I am not super fast or super high spin, and I have no issues getting it airborne. Was at range yesterday in 25+ crosswind. Still very straight. The kick is still up by the handle.
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