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  1. 8802 sold unitized tiempo 34” loft/lie? Cheers, tf
  2. I grabbed M5 with a couple more degrees loft from previous set up and money!
  3. Agreed. My priority was 100% based on dispersion and windy condition play. It has been outstanding for me.
  4. I would describe it more stable. I am not super fast or super high spin, and I have no issues getting it airborne. Was at range yesterday in 25+ crosswind. Still very straight. The kick is still up by the handle.
  5. We sound similar in swing. I went from hzrdus black 6.5 75g tipped 1” to 2.0 65tx tipped 1”. Extremely stable. My favorite shaft by far to date. Stands up to anything.
  6. No. They have different materials, but Jake at MCA said they play very similar in launch and spin.
  7. Rivertowne, Dunes West, Coosaw Creek, Stono Ferry, Pine Forrest and now the Muni is fun after the reno. Kiawah (the best) I guess fits in the "big names."
  8. I only got through 9 before rain pounded us, but had a blast on the Muni. It is actually interesting now. Cant wait to get to the back nine. HOT is right on with the firm greens. play accordingly, or you will be chipping back down hill. As for the KI courses on the first weekend of March you may still be in the "winter" rates. They normally bump the rates up once time changes. This is the best scenario, along with replay rates @ KI. I just played Cougar Sat. and will regularly pay their rates for the conditions they provide. "Value" is subjective.
  9. about to launch this same project. Heads p790 3i and Tour preferred udi 2 iron. shafts tensei white 90tx and steelfiber i110. Best combo stays.
  10. Sorry, can't say. Have not tried Ventus black yet, but don't see this shaft leaving my bag for a long time.
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