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  1. It could also be that the market is not saturated with their products. Ping and Titleist (among a few others) don't come out with something once or twice a year like Cally and TM do. The trade-in/resale on Cally and TM products are a joke. It may be a bit better with the increase in play since Covid, but historically Ping and Titleist have had some of the best resale around.
  2. Its real. Who cares if the grip is real or not, its easily changed. Many people have real Camerons and fake grips they got off of Ebay or Amazon, and dont even know it.
  3. I ordered a 54* SM8 with PX shaft in March and just got confirmation today that it is shipping out. Everything is slow right now and I dont see it getting any better.
  4. That one is offensive to all of the other close fakes out there.
  5. Its a tour head. I also knew someone who worked on the tour truck about 10-12 years ago, and this is what they told me. Unsure if they still do it.
  6. Wow, that is a great deal. Tried one of these out a few weeks ago and it was just as good as my XE, but for half the price at the time.
  7. Fake, and one of the easiest ones to spot.
  8. Any of the DTC companies (Sub 70, New Level, Snell, etc) are hard to beat and are often overlooked. Maltby and Golfworks clubs and shafts are up there too.
  9. Bought a few things from them and didnt have any issues. All sent via specs. 1/4" isnt a ton, try them and see how they perform.
  10. People tend to get budget/knock-off and counterfeit mixed in too many times, and it gives the budget/knock-off brands a bad name. They have their place for the budget minded consumer, and have been for decades. There are a ton of them out there and, overall, they seem to do a good job of knowing where they stand in the game and dont try to be something that they are not.
  11. Got the cancellation email. Not a biggie, but hope another deal like that comes up.
  12. DSG is not a place to go for much of anything. Find a nearby demo day or take a trip to a golf store and try stuff out. DSG employees dont give a darn about what they sell or "expertise" in the market. Most are young kids who are covering 3 different areas and dont care to learn more about the items they are selling.
  13. Pics or a link would help.
  14. Seems fine to me. Nothing that really jumps out. I have a buddy with the same set and I looked at some pics of his and they look comparable.
  15. Legit. They do sales with stuff thats been out for a while and try and play that game. If you know what the real going rate is and not get suckered by a "sale", you will be fine. But overall, they are good to deal with.
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