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  1. Being a lefty is a big sign of it not being fake. Not saying they may do it one day, but its really not worth the time and effort with such a small segment of the sport. Aside from that, they look fine to me. Font is good and the stamping is fine.
  2. They look fine to me. I have a friend that has some and I will see what his look like in person vs the pics you sent. Nothing immediately stands out, although I would call Titleist CS myself.
  3. Probably the workers just getting out early. When I was working at GG, they would catch when stores would do that by looking at the security logs. Or, it could be COVID related and they have not put up signs.
  4. Calm down Karen. They set a price and people buy it. That's the way things go for various other items (Camerons, Lamb, Betti, Tour Issue, etc)/ Dont like it?, then move on. Iam trying to find a point to the post, as it seems like you have been recently "wronged" by them for something and want to cry to us about it thinking you will find more people to join your resistance. Do the rest of the site a favor and go back to not posting.
  5. I tried GolfPass and it was not worth it. I found that if you called the courses during the week, they had the same if not better deals than what was on there and the other online booking sites. Most of the courses around here will have set prices for the year, but if you go and call them, 9/10 times you get a better price because they are begging people to come and play. Also, small local newspapers have ads in them for deals.
  6. Ouch. At least you got a decent ball. I have always seen the Top-Flite or Pinnacle swap out.
  7. As someone that has worked at a GG and a GolfUSA, the answer is tricky. If its slow, it was always cool with me as long as you were up front about it and not using anything we had to tape up (before demo sets) and were not in the way when the real buyers came to try things out. If you are there to talk my staff's ear off and BS with them and never buy, then GTFO of the store. You would just be a time waster and no real value to me or the business.
  8. Not much there. Looks like 2 shirts and some volunteer stuff. Darn!
  9. They have always been overpriced on 98% of their stuff. Golfsmith had the best used area and you could always find a good deal in there somewhere. GG thinned out the used area after DSG took them over and turned it into a larger DSG golf store filled with Hagen and Slazenger junk.
  10. Milling lines and the stamping look clean. Fine to me.
  11. One of the guys in my group left a LW on 12 and we were on 15 when he noticed. We finished and waited for others to finish and asked. Sure enough one guy had it, but he was hesitant to say yes. Sucks that he lost it, but guarantee he won't ever forget again.
  12. Re-selling it for money = zero ethics. Some will say "well, the buyer should be more informed", which is BS. Otherwise, you are forced to play with them or give them away for nothing. Just dont make the same mistake twice.
  13. Earlier this year, BudgetGolf had the Mizzy 18 line for about $550 4-PW and I would imagine they would do something similar with the JPX or MP line soon.
  14. Probably related to COVID, but this is a good thing either way. Too many idiots go in there and beat clubs to death with no intent to buy anything. Also it increases the risk of one of them breaking a club or smacking the launch monitors or projectors. I have worked at a GG and a few similar stores and a few minutes is cool, but people abuse it more often than you think. We replaced a LM and 2 projectors from "golfers" nailing them.
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