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  1. This isnt new with the ZX7's. Srixon irons have been smooth and easy to play for awhile now. They make some of the best irons in the market, imo.
  2. Miles of Golf has been ridiculous. Busiest I have ever seen it, and it's been like this for months. Kind of disappointing. Used to be able to go there early afternoon and work on my swing. Now you go and it's a cattle call. So many people.
  3. 6'4" with golf shoes and 36" putter. Cant stand feeling hunched over.
  4. Taylormade looks to have solidified themselves as legit threat to Titleist's throne. Yes, yes, I know other balls are great, too. Taylormade seems to have improved significantly on an already excellent ball more so than other companies.
  5. So it is a skill to be able to swing that fast and control the club?
  6. Any guesses as to the increase in average swing speed on tour since 2007? I'll give you a hint. Just over 1 mph. Over 14 years the tour average has barely changed. Today the average is over 113 mph. 2007 it was over 112 mph. Plenty of guys dont swing it 120 mph.
  7. American Dunes in June. Love the principles the course is built upon. Cant wait to play it.
  8. The game has evolved. Players, fitness, equipment, etc. All have evolved. Now you have the elitist governing bodies, and instead of any evolution, they only care about resetting the playing field. Because athletes have become too good we have to limit their potential? Please. Athletes work to perfect their skill. Will baseball introduce a different ball because some pitchers can throw over 100 mph? No, other pitchers have to get craftier. Just like golf. If you cant hit it as far, better have a great short game. There are multiple ways to score on a golf course. Being closer to th
  9. Good luck with the hand. I had 8 weeks of therapy a couple years ago for my left (leading) wrist (ECU tendonitis with chronic subluxation). Sucked. But I'll tell you what, wrist felt great after and continues to be much better. I was at a point where I couldn't even lift a club any more with my left hand. So much pain. Golf injuries suck.
  10. Got a time mid June. Cant wait. LOVE the cause. "Welcome to the land of God and country without apology." Ya, I'll be supporting them 100%.
  11. Welcome to 1984. The Golf Channel is just another network that has fallen to today's "culture". What's fascinating is following all of the data illustrating people continuing to walk away from all of these networks pushing agendas. The people have spoken (and continue to do so) yet these networks and companies have dug their feet in on pushing an agenda that doesn't exist like they think. They are betting on themselves being right when they continue to push away the majority. The tide will eventually shift because the growing majority will be too massive. How much damage will be done in the me
  12. CG Collegiate Last Bag here. Had it for 5 years now. Travel at least 3-4x per year with it. Love this bag. The extra padded top area, along with some additional towels, provide a great snug fit. I remove the heads of my woods and carry on as well. Cant imagine traveling with any other bad. Best in the business, imo.
  13. Depends on course. My home course I rarely lose one, so I'll bring a sleeve. New courses a couple sleeves. Rather have balls and not need them then need them and not have them. Always a couple used ones in there, too.
  14. Too true! Lol Can't go wrong with either. It's all about preference. We are quite lucky to have so many good balls being produced.
  15. Opposite for me. The current version of TP5 performs at every part of the game. Short game feel and spin is best combo of any ball out there. Iron spin and launch is perfect. Driver, again the feel, spin and launch are superb. BXS is a very good ball. Just isnt the total package like the TP5.
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