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  1. Love hearing that it is that much softer. Sounds like a great blend of the 2020 BX and BXS
  2. 4 bills seems high. You are now competing with the big boys. 299 seemed ok with the previous model. $100 is a pretty substantial price jump.
  3. Guy I have worked with for a couple of years now at Miles is the same way. They are good people and pretty transparent and honest. Yep. Shawn, Justin, Nate...all are pretty solid and will make the experience very enjoyable.
  4. Hmmm. That is different from my experience. They are slightly firmer but by no means clicky. This is what I have been noticing. When I put a good stroke on the ball, the feel is negligible. I've been messing with the Z Star ◇ and 2021 TP5X. Really nice feel. I would call is soft but responsive compared to 2019 TP5 and 2020 BXS I have been playing and used when testing with putter. The latter 2 are almost too soft feeling now.
  5. 400 for Mizzy putter...prices are getting crazy. Dont get me wrong, the old models are great putters, but 4bills is pretty tough to swallow.
  6. Nothing here. At least expected to receive a follow up email by now. Did get an email about the announcement of the new balls in the next week or 2 though earlier this week.
  7. Bought a doz at Golf Galaxy today. They had at least 3 doz available. Looking forward to testing these down in PHX in a week.
  8. Hawks Head has cottages also. Stayed there last summer. They are very cool. 4 rooms with 2 beds and private showers in each room. Can sleep 8 no problem. We did HawksHead(2x), Harbor Shores, American Dunes and Stoatin Brae.
  9. TM and Spider line going backwards. The original Spider Tour (black and red) were the best, imo, followed by the Spider X.
  10. Looking forward to testing these later this month. Played the XV years ago as my gamer vmvyt was just too clicky. If this is indeed a nice blend of the Star and XV then I will be thrilled.
  11. 2019 TP5 was absolutely perfect. Havent tested the new ones as I still have 2.5 doz left. Very disappointed to hear all of these reviews of the new TP5. Such a shame.
  12. Huge step backwards if the BX is indeed firmer.
  13. Same, which is why I'm interested in what current Snell plays like it, lol. That ball was so darn good.
  14. The other site was saying it plays softer. I have a hard time seeing that. I agree, the XV is very firm and clicky. If this plays the same, I'll be passing quickly.
  15. These guys get it. Cobra woods are the easiest to hit off of any lie. I'm guessing it's the rails on the bottom. I had been inconsistent with 3 wood for years and put a Cobra F8 in the bag a couple years ago and havent looked back.
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