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  1. [quote name='Callaway_HarryA' timestamp='1394479747' post='8841335'] [quote name='GoIrish17' timestamp='1394479332' post='8841271'] [quote name='Callaway_HarryA' timestamp='1394478586' post='8841185'] [quote name='GoIrish17' timestamp='1394477883' post='8841111'] Thanks for the clarification. Though I disagree that this should have been the product to meet the axe when deciding which to release, I don't think one man's opinion moves Callaway's needle much, and as well it shouldn't. I think that, even with the higher price point, the Big Bertha Pro, because of the adjustability, would bring
  2. [quote name='pga43' timestamp='1391474266' post='8593222'] [quote name='nikegolfer1983' timestamp='1391472468' post='8592992'] Are the pictures in Monday part 1 from MPCC, or did I hear that[u][b] Pebble built a new practice range[/b][/u]? [/quote] Pebble Beach finally acquire the Polo fields after the women who owned the land passed away and her children sold it to Pebble. Nice short game area! Greg [/quote] Looks like a great practice facility, too bad they didn't leave any room for grand stands. At least the 8 foot fence has missing slats for viewing.
  3. I don't care about a free one if Callaway sells it. Just kidding, I'm in.
  4. RAZR Tour for high launch low spin and a little more forgiveness than the FT9 TA
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