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  1. I was selected too. The email did say that due to demand they would be allocated on first come first serve. That would say to me more people have been selected than sets available. I reckon I’m gonna pass as I would only have them to admire and quite punchy price for that. Also I use all my sticks. I’ll stick to the odd nice scotty ?.
  2. Galvin Green trousers. Bought last year and only used a handful of times. In very good condition. Size M long leg. Only selling as too long for me. £230 new, will sell for £120 ono plus postage. Based in UK.
  3. Royal County Down warm up facility opened in the past few weeks. They have done a nice job on it
  4. Agree with this. The island is fantastic in my books. As far as I am aware it has the narrowest fairway in Ireland on one hole! A lot of hate for Portmarnock. A superb course. All about the second shot into the greens. Dustin Johnston has gone to portmarnock to practice before The Open on several occasions. Jack
  5. 1. Augusta National 2. Royal County Down 3. Royal Melbourne 4. Muirfield 5. Royal Birkdale
  6. For sale:- 1) Brand new pair of classics. Size is 8.5D US/7.5UK. Classics are brand new. Never worn outside. Do not come with shoe bags or in original box. This is how I purchased. Will send in different footjoy box that I received in. Buy now before all new pairs are gone, of course classics were discontinued a long time ago now. Will post internationally. Only selling as unfortunately I cannot squeeze into them! £200 plus p and p 2) Scotty Cameron futura. Good condition. Never used on course by myself. Does not come with headcover. I would rate 7/10. Decent order £80 ono plus postage
  7. Sorry - I'd prefer to stay continental US. Ok. PM me if you change your mind please. Cheers
  8. So I bought some brand new footjoy classics off eBay. They are about 1/2 size too big. Does anyone know of any good insoles that would be appropriate? I tried some scholl ones but fit still not right. Any help really appreciated. Jack
  9. Hello So I bought a pair of brand new classics off eBay. They are amazing shoes. The problem is they are 1/2 size too big. They will almost do however I think/hope with a pair of insoles they will be fine. Does anybody have experience with insoles for golf shoes that can recommend a good pair please? Any help would be much appreciated. Many thanks Jack
  10. This putter looks great. Can't wait for it to be released J
  11. Studio Stainless series, awesome sticks. Would love to get a 34" newport 2 some time to go with my 2.5 I have! Mind you current gamer is the newport 2 select, really like it. J
  12. Best looking scotty ever posssibly. Amazing J
  13. One metal shaft band is silly, three is ridiculous. Apart from that looks fairly great! J
  14. Once you have Galvin Green you won't look to another make of waterproof gear. It is the best bar none!! Worth every penny J
  15. [quote name='PaulFitz' timestamp='1358222242' post='6230265'] Technically speaking, a SBST stroke would be possible if you had a putter with a 90 degree lie angle. But, using a standard putter it is not possible. I'd recommend getting an iPing cradle and testing out your stroke. [/quote] Does the cradle work for iphone 5? Cheers j
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