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  1. Interesting Langer signs with renowned fairway wood manufacturer Tour Edge and then doesn't play their fairway woods!
  2. You can bet the tour truck technicians are building all sorts of heads with hot melt and different sleeves to try and get one that fades as he likes.
  3. Huge pressure I should imagine. He's clearly happy with his SIM but it's not a great look for TM if he doesn't switch to SIM 2.
  4. Is DJ using this week to test SIM 2 in competition?
  5. Really good question. Bryson has been pretty lackluster of late and we haven't seen more claims of faster ballspeeds and 400 yards carry for a while. The 48" driver never materialised either. Maybe he will throttle it back.
  6. Oh yeah, plenty of money on offer, but not particularly special from a viewing perspective. The only WGC that stands out for me is the matchplay and that's because of the format.
  7. Feels like a warm-up for the Players, which is itself a warm-up for Augusta.
  8. It what way are raw wedges "high maintenance?" Come on Taylormade give us a fully raw version.
  9. A brilliant wordsmith who has been a constant throughout my golf-viewing life. Listening to Peter was so much more rewarding than listening to the hollow, platitudinous drivel we have to endure these days.
  10. The up-and-down on 16 was fantastic.
  11. I haven't seen Tiger look so in control since....................last year's final round. Despite hitting it everywhere, Bryson still shot -2. I expect something in the 60's today.
  12. So, is Bryson wielding the 48" driver today, or not?
  13. What's with the two tee start? Is it because of the predicted weather problems, or just the general lack of daylight?
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