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  1. Chosen for the same reason as Celtic Manor x2, The Belfry, Hanbury Manor, Close House etc. Tour wants everybody (players, caddies, officials, TV people) all enclosed in as tight a bubble as possible and to keep the public out. If you held it on The Old Course, some people would line the streets to watch.
  2. If Bryson can retain the accuracy he has now, but with a 48" driver, The Masters will be incredible.
  3. Would like to see a full WITB for Rob Rock. He definitely had an M6 fairway wood and a PXG fairway wood in the bag.
  4. Recent examples of Rory, Jordan and Brooks suggests he'll win 3 or 4 pretty quickly and then lose some edge, desire or whatever and the next kid comes along.
  5. Agree on all fronts. McGinley rarely does a piece without mentioning the Ryder Cup or 'resilience'. Also, I prefer Anthony Wall's on course commentary over Wayne Riley's. Much more informative.
  6. KennyP

    2020 US Open

    Can't see Bryson's attack, attack, attack strategy working over the weekend, but it will be fun watching.
  7. Lucas Glover is another one who falls into this category; top 20 ball striker, bottom 20 putter.
  8. Bubba is a poor putter for someone with two green jackets.
  9. Look out for South African Wilco Nienaber. He's going to be something special.
  10. Likewise, I thought they might have used some CGI to mix it up. When I saw it was just clips from the past, I switched off and came back 5 mins from the end, just to make sure Jack beat Tiger by one.
  11. Impressive performance from Willett. The scramble for bogie on 11 was massive. 20 under total is some golf around Wentworth. Very interesting that he now putts conventionally, having won his green jacket left hand low.
  12. David is fairly well known on the north of England professional circuit, eking out a living as a club pro and on mini tours and pro-ams. At one time he actually ran his own mini tour. Whilst never quite making the big time, he has qualified for The Open on two occasions. In winter he used to supplement his earnings by playing competitive darts. Great to see him have some success on the senior tour.
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