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  1. Danny Willett as well. Maybe Zinger? But that's about it.
  2. Got to agree. The R&A offering only 3 spots at each FQ venue is contemptuous. Cut the past champion category down to those who remain competitive, ditch some of the other random exemptions and make it at least 5 at FQ. This is the only area where the USGA have the edge over the R&A though!
  3. I'm no doctor, but it looks like he's a long way from firing those glutes again.
  4. No clear favourite, but if there's any karma Rahm will win. I think Hovland will be in the mix also.
  5. Only 14 returning players. I would have expected more.... I can't be sure but I'd go for Westy Phil Sergio DJ Cink Kuch Casey Poulter Rose Stenson Streelman Zach J Bubba Adam Scott
  6. I haven't hit either, but i believe it does more than SIM.
  7. Probably linked with trying to get the SIM2 into the bag again - stiffer shaft less prone to turning over.
  8. Not sure it was a success. I counted 2 women finished in the top 17 in what was a very weak male field. It's such a fine balance trying to set-up a course which plays equal for both sexes. The winds on Saturday appeared to punish the women more than the men. Might have been better with separate men's and women's competitions? I expect this event will go the same way as 'Golf-sixes' and the various 'shootouts' the European tour have trialed before. Interesting experiment though.
  9. Chesson's putter head has been waving all over the place today.
  10. Consistently solid while others have leaked oil. His wins in Europe were impressive in that he never looked flustered.
  11. Looking good for Higgo now.
  12. Different dynamic today as it's payday. For the men the prize fund is less than average, but for the women it's a big deal.
  13. Seems the men are generally dealing with the wind better. So far anyway.
  14. Doing what? Explosion shots?
  15. Depends on the tees and the length of the rough. Tomorrow will be interesting because strong winds are forecast. Judging by the leaderboard the course setup is fairly balanced so far.
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