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  1. Looks like TM finally gave up on trying to get a SIM2 in the bag. Got to think next year's offering will be closer to the original SIM.
  2. Sad news indeed. First Peter Alliss and now Renton. Both experts in their craft. Unfortunately, the celebritizing of all sports coverage means we'll never see the likes again.
  3. Bubba is a terrible putter for someone with two green jackets.
  4. Anyone know how many balls actually ended up in lake Michigan? It didn't come into play as much as I expected. Lots of shots disappeared over the edge on camera, only to be shown being played, sometimes from reasonable lies.
  5. They'll be fine. Home Ryder Cups are a different animal. Play on a course with some meaningful rough & trees. Cut the fairways to a sensible width. Don't put the pins in bowls where average shots feed to inside 10 feet.
  6. Another Pete Dye effort? (Can't be sure 'cos the windmill must be out of shot)
  7. This finish from Fitzpatrick could be career ending.
  8. The only thing Lowry has destroyed this week is the breakfast bar.
  9. Harris & Daniel proving this team isn't flawless.
  10. The biggest miracles still to come; Spieth winning a singles & Fitzpatrick winning a point.
  11. Each side gets one, so give the other to Casey for missing that putt.
  12. Pity Viktor's match ended with two missed putts, but he deserved the half.
  13. What were the odds on Rahm & Sergio both losing and Rory & Poulter both winning today?
  14. But you then get players like Willett, Noren & Rafa CB who play so little in Europe they take themselves out of contention.
  15. Viktor Hovland deserves more than half a point from this week.
  16. Europe have always been behind in the World rankings. As big as this defeat is going to be, they will probably win the next one.
  17. Very impressed with Scheffler, just went about his business with respect for his opponent and no histrionics. I'd give him the Nicklaus/Jacklin award.
  18. Rory back to his old self today, sort of. Does that suggest his problems are mental not physically or technical?
  19. The job requires lots of commitments in Europe. With a home and young family in the US not sure Donald would even want it. Same goes for Casey. Plenty of options in Europe. Westwood, Poulter, Rose, Stenson, Kaymer.
  20. Doubt Donald gets a shot, having played principally on the PGA tour. Stenson?
  21. Seems like every par 4 is smashed driver at the green.
  22. I like Scheffler. Great play and a nice moment of sportsmanship.
  23. Just shows the importance of the first hole.
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