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  1. We ate there last trip. Pricey and Pretentious, IMHO, great place if you like to take pictures of your food. Cappeletti's still open? RSinSG recommended it and it was great.
  2. This, she rushed for a reason and it wasn't to speed up play.
  3. The Blue course is one of my top 5, Silver is very good also. Have fun!
  4. If you are from a low altitude, going to be gasping for air after hiking up to the elevated tee boxes at 9,000 feet.
  5. Still remember all the rabbits out there, also saw a tarantula on the fairway. Also lots of bunnies at Sand Hollow, you guys must be short on coyotes.
  6. Any one driven out to where Kokopelli was? Only played it once and found it impressive other than a few holes that needed more time to grass in.
  7. Good to know, doubt that we will go now.
  8. Since our annual Cozumel golf trip was cancelled, looking at Arizona, next week or 2. Stay and play for 3-4 days, wondering about Tuscon as the good courses in Phoenix seem pretty expensive. Suggestions welcome.
  9. As long as the Superintendent stays, Josh Mahar has been there since day one.
  10. Don Graham, was GM at Wildhorse, was just hired to be their GM. Don did a great job at Gothenburg.
  11. Thanks, I was wondering how English qualified.
  12. Seen my wife get one and a buddy get one. Have yet to see me get one.
  13. Lack of wind and full sunshine make a huge difference.
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