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  1. Does anyone make a grip that wears faster than a Winn?
  2. Great idea! Never tried a heating blanket, have used a space heater and the back of my plasma TV.
  3. Heat cure helps save time and add strength.
  4. Played this morning, very hot and humid (not usual here), leather Best Grip on my driver was incredible. Put one on my wife's driver and she loves it too. Both are the microperf, mine being an oversized.
  5. Pushing the grass down, right behind the ball, didn't improve the lie?
  6. Why are they sending you a shaft? You should be happy to get a free, ungraded head.
  7. I have one, Cobra utility iron, feel is great and it does perform well. Not sure I want to spend that much on an entire set though.
  8. Push cart? I hate to carry, always use a sun mountain 3 wheeler if walking.
  9. Lot of Karen's out there! Owning your own cart is a big advantage now.
  10. Course closed yesterday, OTOH we now have snow drifts all over it anyway.
  11. Tight course, or I'm playing for a score, 3 wood stays in bag and rogue 3 hybrid is used. More consistent, better misses and not much shorter.
  12. I golf with a guy that sets up with the driver 8" outside of the ball. I can't watch!
  13. Set up with ball on the heel for driver? Toe is my miss, usually early in the round when I should have hit some balls first.
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