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  1. Please close
  2. I just wonder if the hour glass by itself will move around a lot.
  3. Are you guys getting the full station or just the small hitting surface?
  4. Oh that’s right. I totally forgot about that. The truth is that you don’t need it because the cradle holds the top of the bag pretty securely but it’s still nice to have.
  5. I have both. I know a lot of people around here say that the Tour 65 stiff is pretty stout, and it’s definitely stiffer than the reg, but it honestly doesn’t feel ridiculously stiff to me. I swing the driver at 92 mph or so. I prefer the reg but could swing either.
  6. Agreed, prefer the strap over the cradle mechanism. And the swivel wheel version has the cradle mechanism.
  7. Is it fair to say that one of the key differences between these two units in terms of data output is that the Mevo measures backspin (whereas the Rapsodo does not) and the Rapsodo measures offline deviation (whereas the Mevo does not)?
  8. But what if you bought the items outside of eBay? Or what if you purchased them on eBay but used a credit card to pay for it? Also, what if the purchase was years ago and the resale just happened in 2020. I know that I have lost money on every purchase/sale I have ever made but there is no way I would be able to document them all. Honestly, for those of us who aren’t in the business of buying and selling, this is completely ridiculous.
  9. That’s a good point about the insertion depth. One other thing I just realized is that this is a set of G25 irons and the bottom of the hosel has a receptor for the edge of the shaft to seat very securely. With a tip weight in the bottom of the shaft, I do not believe it will seat properly.
  10. One other option might be to pull the extensions and cut off an extra 1/2” of the insertion (so I would have 1/2” in and 1/2” out). That will get me a little closer to stock but not sure it’s worth the effort for such a minimal change.
  11. This is incredibly helpful information, makes perfect sense. Based on this, I see no reason to add 4g tip weights merely for the sake of countering the additional 4g of extension weight that is inserted in the butt end of the shaft. I plan on epoxying the set back together tonight and will hit the clubs over the weekend. Thanks again for all the help.
  12. Correct, they are back to stock length with the stock grips. I’ve heard the saying before, but what exactly does it mean when we say we are “tricking” the swing weight scale. I mean, isn’t that what the scale does? Measure the feel of the club based on the weight relative to the balance point? So if we put a heavier grip on, wouldn’t that make the club few lighter in terms of swing weight? Wouldn’t extensions with a certain insertion depth essentially be the same thing as heavier grips but somewhat negated by the additional length?
  13. I have a scale. It’s homemade but accurate. And I also have an identical set of stock untouched irons to compare the built set to.
  14. Figured it out. You guys are good, really good. Here’s the part I left out. I am basing it off of the stock swing weight of D0, and the shafts were cut 1/2” and then extended. So if I started at D0, cut 1/2” takes me to C7, and extending back 1/2” brings me back up 1.75 SW points to just shy of C9. Makes perfect sense. So would you add a few grams at the head to get the swing weight back to stock?
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