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  1. I use a tire inflator I got from Home Depot. Works great. I wouldn’t say it’s low noise but doesn’t sound like a freight train either.
  2. “They’re real, but they’re not spectacular.” I should know this. What’s this from?
  3. USPS typically weighs and measures when they scan and lets you know if there’s an issue. Apparently Fed Ex does not.
  4. Hey guys. I thought I would post this information so that no one else gets burned like I did. I’ve been selling on eBay since 2001. My rating is over 500 and 100% positive. I say that only so that you know I am experienced and know my way around a eBay. I recently sold a 5 wood and rather than shipping the club out by USPS, which has been very slow lately, I decided to use FedEx through eBay. When I purchased the shipping label on eBay, the price was about $10. I measured the box myself which was 48 x 5 x 5. I brought the box to the FedEx shipping facility myself. The Fe
  5. I normally don’t weigh in on stuff like this, and at the risk of being banned, come on GolfWRX mods, aren’t we better than this? So buyers can ask questions via PM but for the poor guy who comes along and (reasonably) believes that “used for 9 holes” means used for only 9 holes (as opposed to used for only 9 holes by seller), too bad for him? I agree that we don’t want people commenting on price, but this type of language is really misleading.
  6. Has anyone figured out why it works for some but not others? I’ve been an eBay member since early 2001. It did not work for me.
  7. If you put something in your cart and then apply the coupon code just to check to see if it works, and if it does work but you decide not to complete the check out, does that mean you can no longer use it?
  8. Is there a way to see if the code works without committing to buy? Like pre check our process?
  9. Titleist uses 36.5” raw length in the 950gh for all wedge shafts.
  10. It also depends on the club manufacturer. I recently installed a side of 950 GH shafts in a set of AP1 irons. As I recall, Titleist told me that the three iron shaft should be 39.0” raw length which is not how it was listed on the Golf Works website.
  11. I had both the Caddytek and the clicgear and I chose to keep the Caddytek. Five years later in approximately 250 rounds and it’s still going as strong as the day I bought it. Sounds like you got a lemon.
  12. UPDATE So today, 4 days after my son left the club on the 18th green, someone finally turned it in. My guess is that they found it, put it in their bag and then forgot about it (although I don’t see how you could forget about it between the 18th green and the clubhouse). Anyway, all is right with the world (well, not really), but my faith in humanity has been restored. e
  13. Will they give you the stock shafts that they pull when you buy a custom set irons for you?
  14. Exactly. He worked as a day camp counselor this summer. He’ll pay for a replacement out of his earnings. It’s a relatively cheap lesson to learn I suppose. But we’ve all been there, done that. Sometimes it works out, sometimes not.
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