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  1. Any end of year reflections? What worked, what did not?
  2. This morning on rock bottom golf i saw the lamkin cleveland logo’d grips for $1.00. I know they are described as ladies but i bought some before and they seem like regular men’s grip. Not fancy but a great option for friends and family regrips or for clubs you want to resell. picked up 45
  3. I think it comes down to what your high school golf program “is”. Is it an annual contender for states? Trying to grow a competitive win at all costs. In a case like that, there is no need to groom a senior on the JV, you would want to narrow your focus and attention on developing the next year. or is your program a place to grow young men in hopes of giving them a good high school experience enjoying the game of golf in a team/competitive environment. Either is fine w me. Check out The Long Green Line documentary.
  4. On another level….practicing with some one of different skills could help both, it helps prepare the higher skilled player to look past the other and remain focused and centered on thier game and teaches the lower level player to not be anxious and watch what golfers with better skills do on the course.
  5. Unlike pxg/Bettnardi/Scotty Cameron I think pings are functional not fancy, especially the eye 2. I would suggest that you play golf with them, not spend time on shining them up. You could refresh the white #s with testors white paint, or you could take white paint out w nail polish remover and call it murdered/blacked out if that feels better to you. Scrub them up with a plastic bristle brush. nice looking set of irons to play golf with.
  6. I’m glad to see that you address the biggest question. “What do you want” Space, budget are huge factors. These are the 5 things i depend on -A wool rug with fairly flat pile. I can putt around to legs of the couch, the dogs tennis ball, Nalgene bottles ( which are 3 1/2 inches slightly smaller than a golf hole) -pelz truthboard practice the 4 footer over and over. I can take out the hole reducers, i can put both in or use only one to reduce the size of the hole for slight breakers. Practice setting the face square, setting my body square, eyes set over the ball in a repeatable location. -putter ball. Creates focus on a tiny tiny target. Can be frustrating in the beginning, best in small doses. Can train you to deliver the center of the putter to the center of the ball -zen putter. Starting with the ball inside the hole, it helps develop a shorter backswing longer follow thru stroke. If you backswing too far the ball will “escape” the hole and go backwards. The down stroke and release help me feel an online stroke. Feels more like a throw rather than a hit. -small notebook. Daily writing down what i did, how many times, thoughts for today and goals for tomorrow. If i know i made that truthboard 4 footer 1000 times +…..then i have confidence when I’m out playing with a similar shot. good luck w whatever you come up with.
  7. Let me know if you hit these new lows. I have pulled good grips and installed less desirable grips before selling . I’ve bought clubs for the sole purpose of pulling the shafts for other projects.
  8. You will need to leave yourself some wiggle room for coaches choice, maybe as a discipline item and or for building a solid future team
  9. Thanks for some information that i didn’t know. These are black band which i would have never known they are regular. I got these from the first tee, they are given donated clubs. The “good” ones get sold, these were left behind. Bags of misc clubs, many junk clubs and a few older gems that get overlooked. adding face pics….these are very good condition for the age, faces still have the “frosting”. Ferrules were chalking over so I’m trying to remove that and polish them up alittle . The ferrules have also shrunk just alittle bit.
  10. Wondering if anyone has any guesses on these irons. I have 3-pw. Look like the fg -17 model….stamped fg-j8 Any insight to what these are? tia
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