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  1. Do you have physical limitations? 50 isn’t that old to be giving up. Can you focus on drills to increase your speed and strength ?
  2. Well, there is no one answer, let’s applaud you for having your family priorities in-line. there is no changing the once a week golf, you will just have to be satisfied with that. That being said, those 4-5 hours on course should be enjoyed, not spent pissing and moaning over things that can’t be changed. You aren’t good at golf, your not getting paid to play so make the most of being outside w friends. as far as practice, 5 hours a week is as lot and there is a bunch of things you can do over the winter to come out in the spring swinging. Some exercise and yoga can help with strength and mental toughness. I chip/pitch balls at the local baseball field, the infield reacts similar to a green. Get some time on a trackman to see what your swing path tendencies are. A weighted club is helpful, super slow swings have been shown to be very effective. A pelz truthboard is a great indoor training item. never beat and rake balls, hit a shot, analyze it. Walk around a bit and set up for your next shot. This goes for putting and chipping, never putt or chip to the same target twice, always set up to a new target. In a round we never hit the same shot after shot. When i use my truthboard i will putt, walk around, come back and re set up and putt. enjoy the process
  3. Any end of year reflections? What worked, what did not?
  4. This morning on rock bottom golf i saw the lamkin cleveland logo’d grips for $1.00. I know they are described as ladies but i bought some before and they seem like regular men’s grip. Not fancy but a great option for friends and family regrips or for clubs you want to resell. picked up 45
  5. I think it comes down to what your high school golf program “is”. Is it an annual contender for states? Trying to grow a competitive win at all costs. In a case like that, there is no need to groom a senior on the JV, you would want to narrow your focus and attention on developing the next year. or is your program a place to grow young men in hopes of giving them a good high school experience enjoying the game of golf in a team/competitive environment. Either is fine w me. Check out The Long Green Line documentary.
  6. On another level….practicing with some one of different skills could help both, it helps prepare the higher skilled player to look past the other and remain focused and centered on thier game and teaches the lower level player to not be anxious and watch what golfers with better skills do on the course.
  7. Unlike pxg/Bettnardi/Scotty Cameron I think pings are functional not fancy, especially the eye 2. I would suggest that you play golf with them, not spend time on shining them up. You could refresh the white #s with testors white paint, or you could take white paint out w nail polish remover and call it murdered/blacked out if that feels better to you. Scrub them up with a plastic bristle brush. nice looking set of irons to play golf with.
  8. I’m glad to see that you address the biggest question. “What do you want” Space, budget are huge factors. These are the 5 things i depend on -A wool rug with fairly flat pile. I can putt around to legs of the couch, the dogs tennis ball, Nalgene bottles ( which are 3 1/2 inches slightly smaller than a golf hole) -pelz truthboard practice the 4 footer over and over. I can take out the hole reducers, i can put both in or use only one to reduce the size of the hole for slight breakers. Practice setting the face square, setting my body square, eyes set over the ball in a repeatable location. -putter ball. Creates focus on a tiny tiny target. Can be frustrating in the beginning, best in small doses. Can train you to deliver the center of the putter to the center of the ball -zen putter. Starting with the ball inside the hole, it helps develop a shorter backswing longer follow thru stroke. If you backswing too far the ball will “escape” the hole and go backwards. The down stroke and release help me feel an online stroke. Feels more like a throw rather than a hit. -small notebook. Daily writing down what i did, how many times, thoughts for today and goals for tomorrow. If i know i made that truthboard 4 footer 1000 times +…..then i have confidence when I’m out playing with a similar shot. good luck w whatever you come up with.
  9. Let me know if you hit these new lows. I have pulled good grips and installed less desirable grips before selling . I’ve bought clubs for the sole purpose of pulling the shafts for other projects.
  10. You will need to leave yourself some wiggle room for coaches choice, maybe as a discipline item and or for building a solid future team
  11. Thanks for some information that i didn’t know. These are black band which i would have never known they are regular. I got these from the first tee, they are given donated clubs. The “good” ones get sold, these were left behind. Bags of misc clubs, many junk clubs and a few older gems that get overlooked. adding face pics….these are very good condition for the age, faces still have the “frosting”. Ferrules were chalking over so I’m trying to remove that and polish them up alittle . The ferrules have also shrunk just alittle bit.
  12. Wondering if anyone has any guesses on these irons. I have 3-pw. Look like the fg -17 model….stamped fg-j8 Any insight to what these are? tia
  13. You don’t say anything about his game. So i will throw out my recommendation Ping zing 4-6-8 -pw 19/21 degree hybrid of choice a 4 or 5 wood+ high lofted driver throw in a 52/56 wedge combo and he will be set
  14. Here in sw pa there is little time for coaching. 1st practice is aug 16, one week later is 1st section play on aug 23rd. First scrimmage is aug 19 …hardly enough time for “coaching”. are you making cuts? New program might not field enough kids to make cuts so allows you more time to work w what you have. you can’t mess w the kids whose parents pay for lessons, from the sounds of it your not a pga pro, so you aren’t going to be coaching them. the kids who are new to golf, you don’t have have enough time to make a noticeable difference. work on rules, work on etiquette, work on preparation. Lighten the bags as much as possible. our schedule is usually every other day you have a match, so on the off days you coach what happened in the last match, introduce another rule, putt and chip until they are blue in the face. Send em out for 9…. The good kids go out first, which gives you 15-20 more minutes to work w the beginners. im not negative I’m a realist…you have a chance to be an influence on them for the rest of their lives, build a team atmosphere, give kids a chance to lead and grow to love this game. Excercise excellent manners, learn to lose, learn to win and do both with grace. Have a year end banquet where you can recognize all their talents. above all… enjoy
  15. Always a good day to learn something. No worries.
  16. Henry William Vardon (9 May 1870 – 20 March 1937) was a professional golfer from the Bailiwick of Jersey. He was a member of the Great Triumvirate with John Henry Taylor and James Braid. Vardon won The Open Championship a record six times,[1] and also won the 1900 U.S. Open.[2][3]
  17. And it leaves a mark on the face, and it makes it easier to identify your ball from afar and it gives instant feedback on the putting green lots of reasons to use the sharpie line
  18. It’s not what feels like square….it’s what square feels like.
  19. TT lite would be my go to, provides a higher flight and comes in the taper tip you need at a reasonable cost. Personally I wouldn’t touch the heads other than wash them w a plastic bristle brush. Maybe refresh the paintfill. Good luck with whatever you choose to do.
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