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  1. That's a real shame. She was shaping up to be a world beater.
  2. I know right?! Her swing has held up because it's so simple and repeatable.
  3. Plenty of conclusions being jumped here. Typical. Prayers for the guy.
  4. If anything, we know it will be from Callaway. We'll find out soon.
  5. Definitely remember that. A half a dozen grown men stood up and cheered like she scored a touchdown! It was hilarious!
  6. One, my wife is way smarter than me. Ask her. LOL I have the college degree, she has everything else. But that's part of their job description: To see things we can't and if you're smart, you'll trust their judgement, assuming you have a good one! I'm sure you do! I've seen Bubba at the PGA Show many times over the years. I make a point to try to go to the PING stand where he is and its a zoo. He's very popular. Every year he got a little better in dealing with people. Sometimes he has a handler, sometimes not. He won't admit it probably, but in my view also, it's a lock
  7. They've done it before. They made something available he wore, but when they do it, few people buy them. But hey, if enough people ask, who knows!
  8. Tour Velvet +4 Midsize with 3 wraps. I want soft and to feel nothing
  9. Not retail for now. That may change if there is an outcry, but nothing in their presentations.
  10. I live with this in my own house and watch my son struggle with autism. He's such a great kid, but trapped in his own mind and has very few friends because many won't take the time to get to know him. He says things that may not be seen as appropriate or that doesn't make sense. I know it's him processing what just happened and how to navigate things. But I see how people treat him. His safe spaces are video games because no one judges him and a golf course murdering a driver 280 yards. I'm very forgiving of Bubba for many reasons, because my son teaches me how to look past disabilities
  11. Many knew he had problems, and people on social media and this very board trashed him mercilessly and dragged his butt through the mud. The man had to literally bare his soul and throw himself on the mercy of the world with the hope it might calm down some. I'll just stop here.
  12. I got caught. I have put some 921 HMs on BST to keep the peace. A box arrived she had to sign for while I was at work! UGH!
  13. Though, I think there might be some iteration left of them. The NXT has a spiked option as well, so I hope that doesn't go away. But the Ignites are extremely comfortable.
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