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  1. For bad backs, it's not always ideal. But I get what you're saying. When I was in Germany, 68 was outstanding.
  2. XXIO woods and hybrids, EPON irons, Artisan wedges. And once and for all, a PING PLD putter.
  3. That just looks peaceful right there.
  4. True. He worked his way out of it, but it's still going to be a thing. They don't just go away.
  5. Yup, sounds like GA. I've visited my mom in the fall and nearly sweated to death. The next year I went out to buy a coat. But that's GA for you!
  6. I have family in GA. I know the weather reasonably well. The bottom falls out in December, and even then that's in the 50's and 60's. It's been pretty warm thus far. If you don't play, you don't perform well. That's just the truth. Who knows if he's even practicing a lot. I'm not going to compare a golfer who played in the 70, 80's and 90's to today's player. It's not even remotely the same game and type of play. If you look at Bryson D, he's not even playing the same game from when TW was dominant. If he had a consistent short game, he'd probably be dominant. While it's
  7. Not sure. Then again, nothing would have helped him yesterday.
  8. It might not be as cold as you might think. It's been in the 80's consistently for a few weeks. November is a lot like April. Usually in the 70's. Weather MAY be a factor, but if the track holds true, he should be OK there. The issue is getting competitive playing rounds. "Rust" was a given because while he plays at home, it's just not quite the same. If he wants to round out into ANY form, he simply needs to play competitive rounds. He's missing irons from the fairway and while driving is not his strong suit, it was noticeably worse. The man simply needs to play under pres
  9. Playing once every 8 weeks is not going to get it done. Ugly playing.
  10. tbowles411

    Ping G425

    Yeah, people will buy anything and spend the cash to just be "first." I don't want to be "dead" when my wife sees the credit card bill! LOL
  11. tbowles411

    Ping G425

    Plus I don't think most people will want to spend $700 on a used driver when you can wait until the Spring to get a new one and save some cash.
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