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  1. I tend to not yell at people when they're working. Maybe that's just me.
  2. I got to catch up on DVR. near the end, but was tracking it all day while running errands. Lexi...I hate to say "choked" but to me that's what it was. After her double bogey she was completely rattled. She'll come back from this, but she probably she had it locked up being up by so many strokes with just a few holes left! Congrats to the young Filipino, Yuka. She'll be a National hero for being the first major winner from the Philippines! I think she swings Rory's swing better than he does!
  3. Food is my favorite! And PC is still my boo. LOL Did I tell you about when I met her at a PGA Show a few years back? She is a SWEETHEART! And I'm only buying new equipment; not playing well! The back is not cooperating.
  4. But has she yelled at her ball?! If she did, it's obviously not listening!
  5. One thing I realized by watching this, I would NOT want to play that course. I'd be shooting 120 for sure!
  6. I'm still waiting on mine...somewhat impatiently, but I have other irons I can use in the meantime...
  7. This is just one more reminder, that golfers are people that go through things, sometimes very serious. People don't humanize them and forget they're just like us. Compton 's story is well known and makes you want to root for success for the guy.
  8. That summed it up nicely: A LOT of luck went into it. I'm glad Ally won, but win number one still counts. And I agree with Shanker: Sophia can play. I don't mind match play, but man, the pace needs to pick up.
  9. Definitely a Cobra thing. And I support your demand for free Cobra things! LOL
  10. 1. City and State? Bristow VA 2. Handicap? 20+ 3. What King 3D Printed model do you want to test? Supernova 4. Current putter? PING Bruzer (at the moment) 5. What is the top thing you look for when buying a new putter? Stability, alignment help and forgiveness 6. Do you agree to participate in an ongoing testing thread, posting reviews and photos? Yes
  11. You mean there was another great finish yesterday? Poor Moriya. I thought she had it in the bag. Congrats to Wei Ling. First time winners are cool, especially when you play your heart out for so long.
  12. People love to throw out the "all time" moniker in the media, and I'm glad Jaime gave him his due, eventually. His all-time win total is impressive, but if we're going to use the majors as a reference, I'd agree with your assessment. Definitely top 10, but barely so. Historical impact is an important distinction. Popularity is nice, but when you put his name in the historical bucket, I'd be hard pressed to name many significant achievements to set his name apart from true titans of the game. Sorry to offend all those Phil fans out there, but I'm with Hawkeye here.
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