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  1. My kid really wanted to play, but the scores just weren't there. Three man team and everyone was shooting 72 and below. Sick.
  2. It's one of my favorite places. I've been there probably half a dozen times as a kid, been to the cemeteries, and even went to WWI sites (lived overseas). I even unintentionally waded into the Channel when high tide was coming in. It was a great experience, and very sobering.
  3. Yes. I've bought from them many times in the past. Very legit.
  4. Ariya was awesome and had girls looking over their shoulder. I marveled at how she generated so much power and did so well without ever using a driver.
  5. I think honestly she didn't (doesn't) know how good she is. We all know it takes time, but if she reels off a couple of wins a year, she'll realize she really can compete at that level consistently.
  6. We've sold a couple of sets. They feel amazing and when fit well, they're stellar. All that said, absolutely not. They're not worth the cash when we can do the same thing with a fit and custom built set of [FILL IN THE BLANK] at a fraction of the cost. Heck, we can build the entire bag for less.
  7. I like him. He's knowledgeable and definitely not plastic.
  8. tbowles411


    He did. We know things!
  9. I guess I could congratulate Nelly on her win! LOL It was impressive, you know, once I pretended not to know who won...
  10. I got caught. Momma said they needed to leave. I have more to sell, but this needs to go first. These are standard L/L/L, STIFF flex with Nippon N.S. ProGH NEO Shafts. Plastic is on the heads, but not on the grips. $795 shipped (or best reasonable offer), These are NEW.
  11. Totally agree. It's like they just they're not even trying to take the LPGA seriously. Let alone respect not only the Tour but the fans.
  12. That's a real shame. She was shaping up to be a world beater.
  13. I know right?! Her swing has held up because it's so simple and repeatable.
  14. Plenty of conclusions being jumped here. Typical. Prayers for the guy.
  15. If anything, we know it will be from Callaway. We'll find out soon.
  16. Definitely remember that. A half a dozen grown men stood up and cheered like she scored a touchdown! It was hilarious!
  17. One, my wife is way smarter than me. Ask her. LOL I have the college degree, she has everything else. But that's part of their job description: To see things we can't and if you're smart, you'll trust their judgement, assuming you have a good one! I'm sure you do! I've seen Bubba at the PGA Show many times over the years. I make a point to try to go to the PING stand where he is and its a zoo. He's very popular. Every year he got a little better in dealing with people. Sometimes he has a handler, sometimes not. He won't admit it probably, but in my view also, it's a lock
  18. They've done it before. They made something available he wore, but when they do it, few people buy them. But hey, if enough people ask, who knows!
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