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  1. Where I live you can't even play in tournaments without a handicap, so it's a catch 22.
  2. It seems like it's almost all singles going off. I don't know how anybody has a handicap, but they are clearly posting scores.
  3. Yes, they said they'll ask around. Because of COVID people still aren't really populating the clubhouse, so I can't just go to the bar and try to meet people there either.
  4. I'm stuck in a situation where I joined a club this spring after 8 years away from the game. I don't know anyone anymore so I always have to play solo rounds (back in the day I would usually get paired with someone, but this does not seem to be case anymore). My problem is that in order to play events at the club I have to have a handicap, but I can't because I can't post my rounds. I tried to meet people through the men's league, but it's only teams, so you have to know somebody. Is there any loophole that allows me to post solo rounds? Can I just record every shot with my phone?
  5. I still have to post the rounds for handicap purposes, so just want to make sure I'm giving myself the best advantage I can within the rules.
  6. My course is a swamp - even a little rain and it's a mud pit. Half of my drives end up embedded, easy enough to fix. But sometimes the ball will land in casual water (mud), then roll a few feet out and I'm stuck with a ball that is now technically out of casual water, but completely covered in mud. I've been taking unplayable lies because a half inch of mud between the ball and club face doesn't work. Is there any other solution that doesn't penalize me?
  7. Never had a problem controlling the distance in my irons with DG, Project X or KBS C Tapers, but I decided to try the Modus 120s after hitting one and really liking the feel. First round out and I found myself coming up 10+ yards short on some shots and 10+ yards long on others, even with the short irons. Never had this happen before. Is it just me or do some shafts just not jive with certain swings? For a point of reference I have a very slow tempo, so I usually get along with most shafts.
  8. Put it towards a membership. Don't let the range jockeys fool you, you get better by playing.
  9. Utility irons don't give me a turf interaction that I can work with, but hybrids don't give me the low ball flight I'm looking for. I've tried the stoutest low-launch X-flex shafts in my hybrids but still can't keep them down like I can with a utility iron. I can flight down every other club in my bag, why not hybrids? How can I have the best of both worlds?
  10. So jealous of everyone here. Apparently I’m the only one with a carry yardage higher than total yardage with every club less than driver. And yes, I use low launch, low spin shafts.
  11. Shafts aren’t equipment according to GolfWRX for some reason, so this will soon be moved to WRX Club Techs. Unless they want to spite me.
  12. I mean, just look at him. Douchebag isn’t a strong enough word.
  13. Really want to make my new Srixon ZX utility iron work for me, but the stock Recoil 95 F5 does not agree with my swing. The mishits produce the most squirrelly shots, like a corkscrew at times, lol, hard to explain. Just wondering what others with higher swing speeds are having success with.
  14. They both have surnames that sound like a sausage-based entree in their native language.
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