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  1. They both have surnames that sound like a sausage-based entree in their native language.
  2. Yep. And this is where it gets interesting because golfers are highly inspired to play for their country in the Ryder and President’s Cup, but not in the Olympics.
  3. Hockey is Winter Olympics, which has even less merit. And no basketball fan takes the Olympic team seriously either. IOC cares more about political posturing than sport and it's reflected in the viewership ratings. All of these real sports are already competing with the world's best athletes every week. The Olympics has little relevance.
  4. You can definitely tell Kajitani is an amateur because if she was sponsored she would be covered head to toe in gear from a single well known golf brand.
  5. The Olympics are dumb. If the sports contested had any relevance they would be played in wildly popular leagues every year to millions of fans. But they’re not, and I hate to see golf brought down to that level. To me it’s disrespectful to the institution of golf. That and the IOC is a political organization.
  6. I know you’re all having fun at my expense and that’s fine, no worries. TGW may have at one time been a legit online retailer, but after my experience last month that can no longer truthfully be said.
  7. Not a big weight difference between men’s and women’s heads. My ten year old (he’s the size of a 12 or 13 year old) switched from junior clubs to a full set of TaylorMade M2 men’s clubs with ladies shafts at standard women’s length and has increased his distance over 50% across the bag. I say use men’s clubs.
  8. Ordered a ZX utility iron with recoil 95 X on the 28th of February from Golf Galaxy. It was custom built, +1” over standard length and midsize grip. Shipped from Srixon in Hunting Beach, CA. FedEx says it will be here tomorrow.
  9. I've seen this commercial on the Golf Channel about a million times now. Can't believe someone has the money to spend advertising this. At first it was funny, now it's just sad. https://www.tvcommercialad.com/watch/hTnSP2H9Bjn8j5U
  10. I realize on a firmer course, the lower trajectory would cause the iron to travel further than normal. But if we took normal conditions are we looking at similar distances?
  11. I've always ordered from Golf Galaxy/Dick's and Golfworks, but since GG didn't have the Vokey wedges I wanted in stock, I decided to give TGW a try. I placed my order last weekend for multiple "in stock" items and the order is still showing as "in process". I have not dealt with a legitimate online retailer who sits on "in stock" items this long without shipping. To make matters worse, this is now the message I receive when checking on status.
  12. I’m a tall guy who really struggled with pulling wedges from time to time. So I took some advice and made them all the same length as my 9 iron. Solved the problem, much easier to swing, and they always go straight and feel solid. Problem now is the touch shots around the green feel off because of the increased swingweight. Gripping down doesn’t seem to help. Would using a lighter shaft help? S400 currently, would S200 help or would it have to be even lighter, like a 95 or 105 gram shaft?
  13. Interesting. Would have figured LZ 6.5 and Modus 120 X or LZ 6.0 and Modus 120 S.
  14. Are these your current gamers? Your signature shows the PX LZ.
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