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  1. They're really too long for him, toe is way up in the air at address. Would like to take an inch or two off if possible, even then he may grip down until he grows into them.
  2. My 10 year old son is 5’ tall and 100 pounds. He had been using junior clubs until last week when he tried my wife’s standard ladies set and Increased his distance 50% across the bag. The problem is they are just a bit too long for him, but I can’t just take a ladies set and cut them down without throwing off the swing weight. My question is, can I put ladies shafts in men’s heads (which should be 5-10% heavier), cut the the shafts down from the butt an inch or two to maintain the swingweight?
  3. Bought it on eBay from a reputable seller assuming it was a Fubuki, was very surprised to see the ilima 70 engraved on the back.
  4. I have a Taylormade Tuned Performance shaft with a label that says it's a Fubuki K Series 70X, but when I flip it over, ilima 70, a Diamana shaft is engraved on the back. Anybody have any idea what shaft this actually is?
  5. Brandel was talking last night about the unfortunate break Bryson received and how 3 minutes wasn't enough time to find his ball, even with many people helping him. So how does it make sense that regular hackers, who at best have playing partners helping out, are expected to find their ball in the same amount of time?
  6. Really appreciate all of the replies, very helpful. To answer some questions posted: 1. The SLDR is 10.5 degrees. 2. I've never had a problem finding fairways with the SLDR. I did however, have mishits with the M2, and they went left. 3. The reason I'm looking for a new driver is because everyone tells me the modern heads are longer and more forgiving. 4. The shaft is a Mitsubishi ilima 70 X. 5. The test was conducted at a driving range with a ~30' high net at the end, 271 yards from the mats. I can usually carry it with the SLDR, but I was landing the M2 at the
  7. Yesterday I took my buddy's 9.5 degree 2017 M2 head and put it head to head against my old SLDR. Used the same shaft for both. They were both accurate with similar trajectory (the M2 just a tad higher) but I was expecting bombs with the M2 and it actually had 20-30 yards less carry and even less roll than the SLDR. Does this mean it would be a waste of time to start shopping for new drivers or is it just this particular head?
  8. I'm coming back to the game after a few years off and in my research for new equipment it seems that driver heads have made serious advancements in that time, but the shafts seem to be either rebranded Blueboards, Whiteboards, or the same old Graphite Design and Speeder shafts from way back in the day. Am I missing something?
  9. Usually hovered around a 2 Thanks, you're the perfect person to answer this question, even the same handicap. Everyone else seems to agree with you that the woods/hybrids are obsolete, will start demoing those first. And thanks to everyone else who responded.
  10. Picking golf back up after nearly 7 years away from the game due to kids, work, etc., and I have not kept up with equipment changes in that time. Just joined another CC and am sitting on the following equipment: TM SLDR Driver w/ stock Fubuki shaft Adams Idea XTD hybrid w/ stock Fubuki shaft (use it as a 5 wood) TM Rocketballz hybrid w/ stock shaft 4-GW Adams Idea CMB with KBS Tour C Tapers Scor Wedges (hate them, these are the first to go) Scotty Newport 2 putter Dozens of 2013 Pro V1x balls Bushnell Pinseeker 1500 Basically what I'm
  11. Amazing how far we’ve regressed, back to the days when you would go to jail for saying that the earth revolves around the sun. Same thing, you can lose everything for stating a fact.
  12. Every major has at one time or another awarded the trophy to someone we haven’t heard of before that week. But which one does this with the most frequency and why?
  13. Why do I put so well at my home course, but struggle to read the greens at most other courses? Even if the other courses are also bent grass and similar stimpmeters? Any green reading advice?
  14. Would the President's Cup be more interesting if it was Europe vs. USA vs. International? If not, what would take this event to the next level?
  15. In particular this week, why is Fleetwood in the final group when tied with McIlroy, after they shot they same score in the third round?
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