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  1. Maybe buyer was a righty and swung the club that way???
  2. xxio

    Tour B RXS

    I will get flamed and argued for this but historically Tourstage-Bridgestone puts S on the softer ball (usually spins a tad more as well). I've been playing, reading about, and analyzing Tourstage-Bridgestone balls since the late 90s. I switched to them because of Faldo winning the Masters with a Precept Multi-layer ball and the MC Lady craze. I think they just emphasized the S as spin when Tiger went to the XS.
  3. Just saw the retail loft is 47. So pros do probably play it at 48, that pic of the pw at 49 looks really good.
  4. Could be the original design had "pros' lofts". Usually based off a 47 or even 48 degree pw. No consumer nowadays will buy a set with a 47-48 pw, so the die was adjusted to 45-46 for the retail set- lowering loft and adding offset.
  5. We just had around 40+ trees cut at our course. Half were dying, the other half were causing growth problems on greens. It is quite troublesome to make sure each one is marked. Rain is making paint wash away every 3-4 days. Can we post a temporary local rule that says if the cut trees/stumps and roots interfere with stance and swing you get relief?
  6. Bryson proof? No protein shakes served in the clubhouse?
  7. Nice to see a Filipina on the list.
  8. Same with anser style putters and offset. Low offset irons, yet anser style putters with full shaft offset.
  9. Inferior to Byron Nelson's Macgregors. Quite different from being inferior clubs.
  10. It would be great to see that quote from Jack because even when Jack started his own equipment company he brought a few of the guys from Macgregor to start it. Don White was still making and grinding Jack's personal clubs well into his senior years. I don't know what equipment Ben Hogan was playing for him to have started Hogan. I'm just expressing my opinion of golf equipment history. Specifically as to Macgregor, the brand you mentioned, as I have read it as well.
  11. I beg to differ, except for the ball, Macgregor was probably the best equipment maker during those days. To say otherwise is to deny Clay Long's, Don White's, and all those people who are part of what makes golf clubs what they are today. An example would be Greg Norman when he was no1 in the world was playing Macgregors stamped as Cobras.
  12. We've never implemented it for the reason that having local rules that you implement off and on confuses membership. We've always used other ways to address pace of play, the rare times they become issues. Having players discuss if a drop was correct under this local rule would slow down pace of play anyway.
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