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  1. It took more than 2 years (100 -120 rounds) in humid-tropical conditions before my $ tapers started showing rust spots. I'm not that OC about wiping them down. The original KBS PVD wedge shafts started rusting on me after 3 weeks.
  2. Some people can only feel good about themselves when they are putting others down. I think most of these LPGA gals are all out there trying hard to make a living. I doubt there are any POSERS at this level. *Paige is not in that category, she is not on the LPGA. Even then, if she can consistently shoot 76-77 at 6,400-6,700 yards she has me beat.
  3. I having going through my wedges so I can use up my old groove wedges before 2024 and set aside the conforming ones for then. I found an X Series Jaws 50/12 degree with the "V" on the hosel. In the USGA database only the 56 and 60 lofts appear (both conforming to old and new groove rule). Is this club in limbo?
  4. Too GI, almost no spin compared to the irons I mentioned
  5. Does Endo make a thin-hot face semi GI iron? Like Srixon 5 series, Diablo Forged, Bridgestone XCBP.
  6. Thank you for the leads
  7. My understanding is this now allows you to substitute balls in relief situations, correct? Meaning after hitting it into casual water I can now replace my Srixon Soft Feel with a Z Star. How about when the course has been declared to be under lift, clean, and place? Do we get to change the ball each time we lift?
  8. I have the same problem. I solved not the tee shot problem because that will screw up my normal games. Instead I put a 5hybrid in the bag whenever we play the tips. Almost all Par4 approach shots become 4 or 5 hybrid swings. It probably saves me 2 strokes a round from the tips vs a 5i.
  9. I mentioned how the men's game is different now than when they forced players to play x number of events in Europe. The men's game is now full of stars that fans can identify with. Just like I mentioned how the Koreans are stars because they are top10 in the world. The highest ranked European is 23 in the world, that is for the entire continent. There are no European stars in women's golf.
  10. Actually proves my point, they aren't stars. They won and haven't really done anything else. How will the Euro side of the ladies get a fan following for the team when there are no stars to identify with? I have no answer but at least with this new qualification process they are trying something.
  11. Maybe because 1. Korea is a country vs Europe, easier to identify with countrymen/women. It might be hard for a Spanish club member to really get behind Van Damme's career outside of Solheim Cup and tournaments leading to it. Most of the Korean players gained popularity locally before going LPGA. Ex. Bianca is not really doing anything on the LPGA but here in the Philippine golf circles you would think she's only a notch below Yuka, who even before the US Open had won $200-300,000? on the Japan Tour in a shortened season. 2. The Koreans ARE stars that's why people remember them. Major winners, top 10 in the world, dominant. The Euros haven't had a star in a while. I can only remember 1 major winner in the past 4 years. 3. Americans will always have airtime and recognizance. Wie, Lexi, Paula, Gulbis, etc. It pays the bills.
  12. Chicken or egg I guess. There are no "stars to keep" right now. However, you can't develop stars that Europeans can identify with if they play 95% of their golf outside of Europe.
  13. My apologies. Last time I watched it was 5 from LET, 4 World Rankings, and 3 picks. Apparently it has changed, and even more due to covid. Its now 2 LET, 4 World ranking, 6 picks.
  14. It worked for the men in the early 2000s until the world game got too big (WGC), Sergio etc had to play X amount of European events because there were only 2 Captain's picks at the time. Now the European tour has enough sponsors/players (events in Asia, Dubai, South Africa are stable enough) they could afford to change qualifications. If you didn't "force" Hull, Van Damme, etc to show up on the European Tour every so often it would be like a NCAA quality field. Until they get stability, they can't afford to lose their stars. For Europeans, men and women, the Cups are a big thing.
  15. Same as the Ryder Cup, you would want the players representing you to be playing significantly in the country/continent they represent. It also has the effect of keeping the European Tour fields a little stronger because the players are "forced" to play there. Otherwise you have the President's Cup which for the longest time had neighbors from Florida playing each other.
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