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  1. I just went back to my FlyZ+ DI6 combo and having my best driving in 2 years.
  2. Thank you. Seems like she is a great putter then.
  3. Are the LPGA putting stats per GIR? Asking because strange she's never led. I would have put her top 3 all time LPGA and even top 15 All time the way she makes them when needed. Like YJS in his prime, but 3xs the time period.
  4. Shane Lowery won with the previous non-adjustable model.
  5. I don't think it's been out for more than a year?
  6. I would shorten 11. Just like 13 and 15 are tempting after a good drive, 11 should tease the player enough to try for birdie. A 160-170 (9 to 7iron) yard 2nd shot to that green when you're 3 back on Sunday would be enticing. As it is now it's a boring 2 putt even after a spectacular drive and 2nd.
  7. I'm sure the weight and the impact when an American went over and won the Open was pretty big as well. They gave Bobby Jones a ticker tape parade in NYC when he won the Open.
  8. I was going to comment....better than my birdie, birdie, birdie, birdie, birdie, nine......
  9. Like mentioned, if they're not going to the US for college, they're turning pro at 17. Playing KLPGA, China events, to gain experience for the LPGA. All or nothing culture.
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