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  1. Hogan Radials, forged version. Still great clubs, wonderful feel.
  2. [quote name='dlygrisse' timestamp='1295137688' post='2899279'] The only thing worse than this guy, and I have met several of them, is when you happend to get paired with with guy and have to spend 18 holes with him. One time it was so bad I walked off the course on the 6th hole which happened to be by the club house. Last time it happened we joined up with these dudes and I missed a putt on the next green from about 6 feet, the guy looks at me and says "you know what is wrong with your putting stroke" I mean really? if you want to get in someones head start giving them advice on how to
  3. 25.8 at last check. TM Burner Plus irons, 5-AW + LW; Rescue Dual 22* 4 hybrid; Vokey 300 series 55* SW w/ 12* bounce.
  4. There is no one else to blame but me. My suckitude is legendary. I have embraced it. I live for the occasional brief, shining moments that exist when, finally, the blind pig finds an acorn. Then I cry, "Wee! Wee! Wee!" all the way home. Until Mrs. A. drops me off.
  5. [quote name='MadGolfer76' timestamp='1294101349' post='2873488'] 4) Old, fat guys shamelessly harassing the cart girl. Yes, it is harassment. Show some respect.[/quote] So, it's OK for young, slim guys to harass the cart girl? Maybe her mom is good-looking, too. Guess I'll just have to harass her, instead.
  6. Regarding single person carts, I believe that a case MIGHT be made for reduced maintenance costs due to reduced course damage. Single person carts are lighter; in addition, since all riders would go directly to their own ball, the course damage would be more dispersed due to more "scatter".
  7. Regarding the forecaddy idea: many courses in my area give out marshal jobs to people who agree to marshal for a full day in return for free golf when the tee sheet isn't full. Doing the same thing for junior players as forecaddies is a logical next step. Keep them on the holes where most of the problems exist. Have the marshals call the pro on the walkie if the kid isn't where he or she should be, and have the pro give the kid hell when they find him/her. Free golf is a privilege, not a right. Plus, it would give most of the marshals something to do besides BS with their cronies and ye
  8. [quote name='One_Putt_Blunder' timestamp='1293953951' post='2870464'] How bout hiring a marshall and actually enforcing the pace of play standard? Make sure it is clearly posted in the shop, carts, etc and the shop staff sets the expectation upon check in. [/quote] Maybe that money might be better spent by hiring some local high school players as forecaddies. Make sure they wear a hard hat of some sort, and have them find the balls hit in the sticks. As other here have stated, it's the lost ball searches that take the time up. Along with having to have two guys going to both of their sho
  9. [quote name='west coast duffer' timestamp='1293738126' post='2866361'] Give players their own single cart and that will speed up play. I hate when guys cruise all over the damn course looking for balls while in the meantime ther partner could have played already but instead they take 10min looking for one bal then head to the next guys ball and start all over. [/quote] AMEN, BROTHER!
  10. [quote name='Pweb44' timestamp='1293728679' post='2866075'] My buddy said the ones jumping on the handicap tee time proposal band wagon at the meeting are a few of the blowhards that want to have a private club environment on a public course. They are part of the group at the course that like to feel they own the course. IMO the 12min start times are working well, it's only on the weekends that it can get backed up, not bad, but will get congested at time, but what course doesn't when all the tee slots are filled; which is why a think trying a 15min buffer would be a little more user friendly
  11. Are you driving or flying in from upstate? If you're flying in, I'd fly in to MacArthur Airport (Islip), and stay at a nearby business-type hotel so that your rental vehicle could be dropped off easily. You might also consider the Hyatt Regency Wind Watch, which also has a decent course on-site. Here's a link to their golf package: [url="http://www.longisland.hyatt.com/hyatt/hotels/offers/details.jsp?offerId=102096&isBookable=true"]http://www.longisland.hyatt.com/hyatt/hotels/offers/details.jsp?offerId=102096&isBookable=true[/url] I set up an outing there about 15 years ago, and
  12. I'm still waiting for my town's redesigned muny to be remapped. I put in the request over 3 months ago. Got a reply that I would be notified when it would happen. No word yet. Glad I didn't sell my iGolf Neo. THEY had it done a week after the course reopened. At least I can use that. Not very happy at all that I can't use my uPro Go on a couse I'll play over 40 times this year.
  13. [quote name='ceyoung' timestamp='1293995676' post='2871047'] If you want a really long drive Montauk Downs in Montauk is awesome. The greens are amazing. Only problem is that it's about 100 miles East of Bethpage. Worth the trip if you can make it. [/quote] Make the drive to Montauk Downs. You won't regret it.
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