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  1. Got mine today, and I received someone else’s order for a different size... As of right now only being offered a refund on return. Anyone else experience this on a limited release where they can’t replace your order?
  2. Following on Twitter. Would love some 125s to through in my Vokeys to match the Nippons in my AP2s. Thanks for the opportunity!
  3. N.S. PRO MODUS³ TOUR120 S (which is what I currently play!) N.S. Pro Regio Formula B Type 75 S Thanks!
  4. In the Tuesday Pt 1, 8th picture down on the left, it looks like you got the first full picture of the Footjoy "Moby" release being teased for tomorrow, albeit in the background.
  5. Black Tie 7M3 that's in my driver currently! [url="http://matrixshafts.com/specifications.php?sub_prod=2"]http://matrixshafts.com/specifications.php?sub_prod=2[/url] Thanks!
  6. Current Handicap: 8.3 Location: Bethlehem, PA Reason for Attending: I've gone through a lot of Taylormade drivers (r5, Burner, Superfast, r9 Supertri, R11s) and have settled into the R11s. After keeping my R11s in the bag for the last 2 seasons (an accomplishment for me!), I haven't really looked into any of the newer offerings. I've seen all of the ads and reviews, but haven't looked into the SLDR because I don't really know how much of a difference there could really be. Current Set Up: Taylormade R11s 9*, Matrix 7M3 Black Tie
  7. I lived there for a few summers and still get down often. Sand Barrens has a pretty nice 27 hole setup and is quite close to you in Avalon. It also has a driving range which I believe has grass hitting areas. My friend worked at Stone Harbor country club, and if you can get out there I've heard great things. Enjoy your stay in Avalon!
  8. Thanks for the opportunity! (Had issues with screenshot) KP1 35" 73* (2 Upright) 3* Blank Orange Initials in Cavity (GT)
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