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  1. Shallowface can confirm, but I think these had a head made of some type of plastic.
  2. I can't remember the brand name either, but it was nicknamed the "Potato Masher".
  3. Unwrap the leather wrap portion. It is held in place by the grip cap, which simply unfolds out of the way. With the leather wrap removed you can try again to get some solvent between the underlisting and the shaft. If that doesn't work then cut off the underlisting with a utility knife, taking care not to damage the shaft (or your other hand !!). You can buy another underlisting at Gripmaster or Golfworks, install with double-stick tape, and re-wrap the leather strap.
  4. Can we see the other side of the scorecard holders ?? Which pic is the Trout cigar case ??
  5. Don't forget the Mines. I certainly agree with Pilgrims, Thornapple, Diamond Springs, and Kaufman.
  6. What is the base color of the Pendleton wool headcover ? Is it gray, or some shade of blue ??
  7. Every MacGregor iron in that era that I have seen has a .355" taper tip shaft. Don't forget the shaft pin !!
  8. Which is the Chopper ?? The carbon steel with a high gloss gun blue/black oxide finish ?? What material is the Softtail, carbon or stainless ?? What is the finish ??
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