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  1. Pings and SM8 bought 2 months ago. 7 rounds on each. Apex19 AW bought during the winter, about 20 rounds on it. All clubs are in great condition! G410 5-U stock AWS stiff shafts Green dot +2* upright +1/2" length Power spec lofts (puts them equal to my AP1s and Steelhead XRs) SOLD Titleist SM8 52F stock Titleist wedge flex shaft (S200) standard length and lie stock grip SOLD Callaway Apex19 AW (48*) Bought this to swap out my other gap KBS Tour 120 stiff shaft standard length and lie SOLD
  2. PB Dye Golf Course, Urbana MD Damascus, MD 8 Callaway Epic Flash Sub Zero, Diamano S+ Blue 60 Yes, Callaway demo day TSi3 Yes, absolutely!
  3. I was thinking of replacing the AW and GW with this and keeping my 58 MD4 for bunkers and around the greens
  4. Father time takes no prisoners! I am on the north side of 60 now and can't swing those old stiff shafts anymore
  5. haha! That was a whole lot of fun. I have a few other drivers, but the SZ is still the most consistent. That said, the pics of the Ping G425 look awesome. I still have all of the clubs I got in SD. The wedges are worn almost smooth, so they are in the basement with the putter. I got a set of G410 irons over the summer and they are my main gamers. I'll switch back to the Callys when my wrists and shoulders are bothering me for the graphite shafts. The fairways are pretty much toast at this point and will be replaced this winter
  6. I'm still gaming the Epic SZ with the same shaft I had put in it when I got it. 9* adjusted to 10*, Diamana S+ Blue 60, stiff
  7. I've heard of a stinger 2 iron, but never a hurricane 1 iron!
  8. I just caught a quick glimpse this morning of him on the green. He's doesn't have his Anser this week. I know the other week he was using his old B60. This might be the vault B60. Anyone get a better look?
  9. Had a few bourbons sitting on the deck last night around the firepit. Perfect weather for it. Cleaning the hot tub (draining, scrubbing, cleaning filters, etc) to get ready for shenanigans now that the weather is getting cooler
  10. don't your testicles shrivel up from drinking too many seltzers? Thought my wife read it in her woman's magazine ??
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