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  1. http://www.golfwrx.com/forums/index.php?sh...bs+in+the+trunk was wondering the same thing a while ago. good info here
  2. their fairway woods are second to none. have been for a while.
  3. have you tried the normal fli-hi? i like mine because it is more iron like than wood like. JAT
  4. just curious, for those that have tried both, how does this shaft compare to the DVS?
  5. yeah it's been nice and all but.... i want tiger back :drinks:
  6. i've been very happy with mine. i must be in the minority. however, i did upgrade from the 975D just last spring. not much else to compare to. this year i accomplished my goal of hitting EVERY fairway not just once, but 6 times out this year. a very mind blowing thing for a 10 ghin. i will be interested in checking out the 909 next spring, but for 175 bucks I really don't think you can go wrong with the 907
  7. i'm looking at the mp 62's personally....
  8. don't tease me like that. it's not nice! i want a review now!
  9. i'm drooling over bothbut i can't afford both!
  10. ah but you have it mixed up. the winner of each hole should take the shot/drink. if the loser had to drink every time they would progressively get worse and the winner of each hole would lose too because he would get drink!
  11. Daly may be on to something. They are probably way too strung up. It may do them some good to relax a bit and take the tourney way less serious. It doesn't need to be beer the night before, but whatever loosens them up. I think that's what he was getting at. John Daly, while not someone to aspire to, is not someone to sneer at. I guarantee you that Tiger Woods has less in common with the 'common' golf community than Daly does. Everyone has their issues. What? You don't?
  12. used to be able to play but work gets so busy from now till december. harvest is here and there is no time for me to get out, so i won't get to go till next spring. it's a sad thing really, but at least i start getting pumped for skiing.
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