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  1. Tell me what you have. Dont mind about Loft and lie. If they have shaft +.5" its better.
  2. I’m testing it right now and its by far the best feeling shaft I’ve ever played. You can feel the kick even if on paper its supposed to be very stiff. Do not feel harsh at all. Prefer the feel of it over the ventus black. Swing speed on gcquad 122/127. ps* the gold paint is
  3. Titleist Tsi3 8 degree, no dings no sky marks no marks on the face just some normal sole marks.... In really good shape! easy 9/10 Have 2 weight the std 8g that I grinded out to 6g and a 2.5g (2.7g on my scale). 2 brand new titleist adapter. Shaft : Graphite design tour AD DI 7TX untipped. a bit over 44,5'' EOG(see picture) Graphic down at any ''2'' position. Shaft is like new Used max 10 shots. Driver HEAD : 400$ With both adapter and weight + tsi headcover Shaft : SOLD shipped Both : SOLD Price drop for combo SOLD LOOKING TO TRADE for a SIM2 or TE C721 8 or
  4. flatcat tak svelte(installed std). not the best feeling grip but its the only grip I don't have the yips under pressure. Trust me I tried everything haha
  5. yeah I know they are not tour only but for ''normal'' golfer who are not on WRX there's no way to get any info. they have couple shaft already basic website, basic info. IDK i'm not an expert but I feel like they don't want to sell haha
  6. You cant work on a website due to covid? Can’t find a better time to work on it IMO... website was terrible way before the “underconstruction” one. Sorry but LAgolf are not ready. It looks like an exclusive pga tour brand right now. Thats sad because I was a fan of the matrix shaft.
  7. no info, no communication, no website for over 1 year... LAgolf shaft dont want customer I guess
  8. I played the tphd and now the tphde and never find a shaft that could beat it (feel, accuracy and numbers). its all personal at this point. I'm not sell on the autoflex tech but if it work for some peoples why not.
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