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  1. If we have a buyer for shaft we can work out something!
  2. If you love soft feel you cant go wrong with kyoei thats for sure
  3. Up for sale my almost new Kyoei DW irons. I played less than 10 games with(wrist injury). I posted a review on the forum ( https://forums.golfwrx.com/topic/1722756-kyoei-dual-weighted-irons/ ). In my opinion one of the best looking club out there. SHAFT : KBS C-taper S+ black limited edition (NO sticker) except PW(some paint scratch under the sticker so I keep it on). Price(new) : I paid over 2,200$ Your price : 1, 650$(shipped) OBO, no low balls pls. *NO TRADE* CLUB LENGTH +.5" (Without grip) LOFT LIE (1 upright) #4
  4. UPDATE : Season is over cortisone injection was good for 3 days. My wrist/hand problem is back and I can't play anymore. IRONS GOING ON THE BST.
  5. I played today for the first time since my cortisone injection...18 holes without pain, that feels so good!!! after 2 years. Yes you can ask for lower weight screw when you order it. I have the 2g weight right now but the guy from tourspec just tell me they gonna have .8g weight since i'm playing my club longer I'll order them(swing weight is at d6 right now). I'll have pictures this weekend my friend is using my old honma club and i'm playing with him on sunday.
  6. you can be right but I only played 3 times with the c-taper yet and I have this problem since 2+ years. Someone slashed me on my hand/wrist years ago(hockey). First summer after that I was taking 2 advil and a wrist taping I was good to go. the winter after, I tried to hit balls indoor off mats without taping and that's where everything went wrong ?. I know graphite would help for wrist/hand/elbow pain. I will for sure look toward graphite option for my next irons shaft but for now option are not really good for me and fitter here in Quebec do not have choices for graphite in TX or X(my 6iron
  7. I had modus 120tx and kbs tour $-taper last 6 years. My wrist pain is more serious than a pain caused by shaft vibration. I just had cortisone injection on monday and if that doesnt help next step is surgery. I can't do anything right now play hockey or any other sport. I would try the loctite trick but I'm waiting for new screw weight to drop the swing weight since i'm playing my club longer.
  8. OKAY! I can't play more than 1 times every 2-3 weeks (right wrist injury). I have this problem for over 1 years and doctor can't find whats the real problem even after every MRI type possible. So my golf game is not at his best. Anyway lets get back to the review. On the size side, Kyoei are a bit bigger overall than my old Honma TW737V. Longer blade size and a bit thicker topline. Sole design is different(in a good way) I really like the turf interaction. Offset are similar but the kyoei have a bit more. Specs *Same loft* : Honma were shafted with $-taper S+
  9. I'll comprare them with my honma tw737V when I have the kyoei iron shafted. I think tc-101/201 is more like a blade sized iron
  10. I just pull the trigger on the head. I'll have them build this week or next week and I'll try to full review in july. Ps* they looks amazing in person!
  11. Anyone has try them? Look interesting, some feedback would be appreciated!
  12. if its true, I think its a good move from him. You're totally right, trackman number is not everything
  13. He need a coach change not an equipment change. Foley is terrible.
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