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  1. Awesome. I'll take my vokeys to the golf shop and get a look at them side by side and see where it takes me. Thanks for the replies!
  2. Jah, is it me or does the top line on the TR look a touch bigger than the vokey?
  3. Spot on. Last time I played "competitive golf" was 30 years ago. Granted some money games here and there but nothing serious. I joined our local mens association (lots of scrambles, best ball etc) then I joined our travel team and just found that I was putting TOO much pressure on myself to play well and NOT make mistakes. The travel team was 3 matches in a foursome. There were 2 individual matches and 1 team match. I just didnt enjoy myself. Add in my teammate that is VERY good but wasnt really a teammate in a good sense. I agree with the statement that you have to probably give it a good year or 2 to get used to it, but I just found that it was more of a chore than it was a pleasure. Granted, I met some great guys and played some courses that I probably wont play again, but was the juice worth the squeeze? I dont think so (for me at least)
  4. Jah, that would be great! I can wait. I am probably going to look at them in person (well the RTX zipcore) to make a decision on them. Thanks for the responses guys!
  5. Man, you guys are making this decision pretty easy. Does anyone have a side by side pic of vokeys and tour rack showing the club at address? The topline is the deal maker/breaker for me.
  6. Interesting to hear that the tour rack mid can be played as stock with nothing being done to it. What about heel relief?
  7. Currently playing Vokey 54* M grind and a 58* D grind but have a little cash to spend (dont tell my wife this) and was thinking about the Cleveland Tour Rack in Mid bounce for both with the heel and toe relief. Can anyone compare these? Playability? Looks (especially the topline) etc. Thanks in advance.
  8. gap wedge is a srixon 585, 54 and 58 are vokey sm7
  9. Middle School Multiple Disabilities Teacher/ Varsity Girls' Soccer Coach
  10. Not gonna lie, the D off a tight lie is stupid easy. I had thought i was in the bunker so I went over with my 58D and realized it was a super tight lie. Figured whats the worse that could happen, skull it, hit my partner (who I was pissed at anyway), opened it a touch and got it close. I am toying with getting a 54d as well
  11. Strong possibility of this. Right now my swing is complete shite so that very well could be it.
  12. naj no not fitted. Just had the head lying around and wanted to give it a shot. It's only been a couple of rounds so it may just be some getting used to.
  13. naj959 that makes TOTAL sense. Thats what I mean. Dont get me wrong, I'm not always flushing it and I can definitely tell when I dont, but when I do catch it flush, there isnt much going on when i do that
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