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  1. looking down: driver, 4 wood, putter (have to do this b/c my spider l neck gets all dinged up) right is hybrid, 4i, 5i, 6i, left side 7-pw, bottom gap, 54, 58
  2. That workmanship is horrid. I was expecting a few minor dents (mostly on the hosel). To expect the shop to reimburse you for the clubs is not realistic. I am sure that the shop will refund your $$ for the work they wont give you new clubs unless they legit cracked a hosel or face. Sorry.
  3. I'll switch when I have that "not so fresh feeling" i thought of switching from my scotty to the spider then forgot.
  4. Different: Scotty Del Mar California and Spider Tour Diamond L neck
  5. I read the reviews on it and while I was super interested in it, there is no way it would fit my swing. Went with the tour ad in 85g. I'm sure it'll be on bst within the month I appreciate your response!
  6. Definitely want a higher ball flight. I want to be able to play it off the fairway too.
  7. JoeFrigo, thanks for the reply. Yes I am looking at the Utility. I also thought of getting a tour spec hybrid and putting that in there but then I have to sand it down and whatnot
  8. Currently I have a Srixon u85 23* with a steefiber 95 in it and I hate it (no feel, not lively at all). Since I cant sell it here, facebook etc I thought of putting a Tour AD in it. I have read that the steelfiber plays stronger that indicated (maybe thats my problem) and that it is low to mid flight. Will I see a difference with the Tour AD (feel, ball flight, etc)? Thanks in advance
  9. I bought a g400 3 wood and reshafted with a tour blue, but keep going to back to my rogue 4 wood. Just more confidence with the 4 wood off the deck
  10. One of the public tracks around here actually comes out to the 18th green (its far from the club house, close to the parking lot) and they will start to wipe down the clubs. Mine are usually clean as I wipe them down after every shot BUT I will kick them a couple bucks. These are usually young kids and try to do what I can for the kids hustling to make a buck.
  11. Sorry brother...after the way I played Sunday it should be 0
  12. Could be 3, 4, or 5 Driver: Ping/ Cobra 3/4 wood: Ping/Callaway Hybrids, Wedges, Putter: Titleist/ TM Irons: Srixon
  13. Most likely a 3 hybrid to front of green/short grass, pitch on and 2 putt.
  14. Shipped means the $220 includes shipping. But you would want to check with the seller
  15. Selling off some things that I have bought that just didnt make the cut. Prices include shipping CONUS via USPS unless you want to work something else out. Not really looking for trades but will entertain. Will listen to reasonable offers as well. Will ship within 24 hours of payment. I apologize for the pics being out of whack. Cobra Radspeed XB 10.5, Custom Order Turbulence (gray)/ Turbo Yellow, Fuji Motore F3 Stiff, Lamkin 360 grip, Range 1x, 3 rounds on her. Headcover and tool never used. $385 Srixon U85 4 iron 23* with Steelfiber i95 stiff shaft, Golf
  16. Having NO idea where your driver is going.
  17. Usually in colder weather I'll use a softer ball. When the leaves start to fall I go to the shag bag and try to get the least jacked up balls that are there.
  18. Funny this came up. I was watching it the other day and my wife came walking through and said "WTF is Jordon wearing?...Blech"
  19. Thank you sir! Greatly appreciated!
  20. So, I can install this without fear of failure?
  21. Buddy of mine bought a modus 120 wedge shaft off ebay. I'm going to install it for him but he sent me this pic with a crimp in both sides. Questions. 1. Is this OK to use 2. What would the crimp be for? Thanks in advance
  22. I have a few range sessions and 2 rounds under my belt with them. 7-GW are awesome. I am struggling with my long irons but that is the indian and not the arrow. I can really feel where the club is at and it has improved my tempo. At times I feel that they are really heavy but again, right now I am a mental midget. I dont think that I have lost anything going from 105 stiff to the 125 stiff. I do have KBS 120s in the bullpen that will be soft stepped b/c I dont feel like wasting $$ on a gap wedge shaft. LOL
  23. I just went through this. I went to lighter shafts b/c I thought that I would have "more gas in the tank" toward the end of the round and wouldnt feel so beat up. That was 2 years ago. I finally went to modus 125s from 105s. Ball flight was pretty much the same, but I could really feel where the club was and felt like I was smoother. I always felt that with the 105s I really had to concentrate on tempo. I got lucky throwing the 125s right in there but I would do what stuart g said.
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