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  1. As Bigsetzee mentioned, at about 2 days in a row I start to lose interest (regardless how I'm playing) 3 days and I could care less. I might hit balls or something but 2 days straight is my limit. I could push 3 but the conditions (playing companions, course, weather) better be really good.
  2. My set-up is Driver, TM Aeroburner TP HL 3 wood (16.5*) 20* & 23* hybrids then into the 5i. The HL 3 wood is a great club. Right now they can be had for cheap.
  3. @ 240 now (not good for a 5'4" frame) I'd like to drop 20 possibly 30 by the summer and maintain. Hoping for the gym 3-4 days a week cardio and whole body workouts. Once spring rolls around walking 9 then hopefully 18 at times. Just like to be able to sustain a decent pace through the whole round not run out of gas in the last 4-5 holes.
  4. I have the Aldila Tour Blue and love it. Its been a fairway finder. I had it in a 915d2 10.5 @ 9.75 and hit it great I put it in a 917d3 9.5 dialed down to 8.75 and its PERFECT. I have found that I dont have swing out out my shoes to get it to go somewhere. I recommend it.
  5. Probably nothing more than anyone else But left pocket w/ divot tool and ball marker, right pocket 3 long tees and 1 shortie. Clubs all in right place: driver/3 wood together, 20, 23 hybrid, 5-6 together, 7-P together, G,54,58, putter together. The only thing that I have a serious problem with is picking up tees on the tee box. Anytime I get above 5 tees, gotta put em away.
  6. Thanks for the replies! I was hoping that they would. I mean I had to buy a putter to use up these extra weights. LOL
  7. I just picked up a Del Mar California (I think a 2010) with Titleist in the cavity rather than the 3 red dots. The weights do not have the red on them either. I have a 2013 Newport that I have been changing the weights outs (try anything to make more putts, hence the new putter). Will these weights fit the Del Mar? Thanks in advance.
  8. Picked one up a few weeks back 9.5. It came with a Fuji Pro vista 75 stiff. 1st time out I popped my Aldila Tour Blue stiff in it and hit it great, next time out the fuji, obviously 2 different animals, high and right all day, last time out tour blue, C2 and draw weight...absolute fairway finder! With this setting the ball flight was pearcing, long and straight. Great feeling and great sound. Felt better than my 915d2 Now I'm sure tomorrow it'll be a nightmare
  9. Quick question. I recently picked up a 917d2 with this shaft. Before even hitting it I popped my Aldila Tour Blue into it and away I went. I was hoping to get some insight on this shaft before I just up and sell it. Previously played the Rogue Black 95 Msi in a stiff before going to the Aldila Tour Blue. Granted I know that I need to hit it a few times but what should I expect out of this shaft compared to the 2 previously mentioned shaft? Thanks in advance
  10. oh god, dats all i need (in my best irish accent)
  11. I'd like to have either swing! But I have always liked the Big Easy's swing. Its like poetry in motion. So smooth and in control.
  12. [quote name='forgeweld' timestamp='1334360266' post='4717444'] I've not hit the blur, but have played a 65s blue for a while, and in my opinion it plays stiffer than most stiff shafts, has a boardy feel to it. so if your looking for a blue with some activity to it go with the reg. [/quote] Reading another post about the blur it seems that it isnt the best shaft for my swing. I am very agressive to the ball and there isnt a smooth transition by any stretch of the imagination. So if a stiff blue works in a tm 540, would a regular work in my r11 or am going to be throwing money away?
  13. First let me say that I know that this is a comparison to apples to oranges but I bought a R11 w/ the stock blur shaft. Played with it maybe 3 times. I left everything right, not a fade or slice rather just dead right. I have been playing a TM 540 with a Blue .335 tip and a Bangster w/ a stiff N-rage shaft. I hit an 8 iron about 150, give or take s300's in callaway x-tours. anyway, I could get a Grafalloy Blue already made up in a regular for 80 bucks, or a stiff (that I would have to put together) for about 73.00. Sorry for the ramble, but would getting a regular in the blue be the same as the blur or should i just stick with the stiff blue. again, i know its apples to oranges, but any thoughts would be great! thanks in advance!
  14. I have had them since about March, but only played w/ them a handful of times. The jury is still out of these as I just had them bent to match me (3* flat...yes I am a short guy) but the ones that I caught nicely seemed to go. Just going to take a little bit of time
  15. I have them and switched over from MP-33's. My problem was that they were just too upright for me from the box. I had them bent to 3* flat and I hit them last night at the range. They seem to work pretty well, but it was hard to tell as there was zero grass at the range. They are not as soft as the 33's, but they set up nice for me. We shall see
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