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  1. Price Drops. If you see something that you are interested in, let me know, we can make a deal! Worse I can say is no.
  2. Well since my wife now has a home office in my golf stash room, I think that she's on to my habit (thanks covid)... Some stuff has to go. All prices are shipped USPS and payment through Paypal G & S. Will listen to offers and trades, but please no low ball offers. Titleist TS3 10.5, with New headcover and tool. Can be shafted with Aldila Tour Green Stiff (plays to 45") or Tour Blue Stiff (plays to 44 1/4") both have GP Tour Velvet 360. Sold Taylor Made Aeroburner TP HL, painted by continental golf with Aldila Rogue 95 MSI 70 gram stiff shaft $75 now $65 Srixon U85 4i 23*, shafted with Steelfiber i95 Stiff, plays a touch under 39" $120 now $110 Scotty Cameron Select Newport 2 Black Mist with blacked out shaft and blacked out Pingman Putter grip, 15 gram weights. Plays 33 1/4" 2* flat (will be shipped with an odyssey headcover unless you want the Art of Putting Cover, then we can make a deal on it) Sold Scott Cameron Art of Putting Headcover: $50 $40 Stitch Birdie Mallet Cover: slight scuff on the bottom: $35 Sold Sold Sold. Rocket Tour Smiley Face Fairway Pom cover $25 Vokey SM 5 low bounce 58* wedge. Just make me an offer. It was a stamping project that didnt turn out the way I wanted...that and its too little bounce for me Thanks for looking and if you have any questions, please ask!
  3. +1 for snapraise. I coach girls soccer (yes more players than golf) and we raised about 4k in 4 weeks. Its stupid easy
  4. I usually mark my ball, clean it and line it up. If someone is ready to go while I am doing this, then by all means go (the guys I play with know that this is assumed or if it is a random, I will tell them to go ahead) I dont mark the short ones or the ones for double etc. I am pretty sure I dont hold anyone up.
  5. From what I read/ researched, the U85 is a .355 shaft. If it was .370, I'd be all over the tour blue hybrid
  6. Does anyone know if you can shim a .335 shaft into a .355 or is this a bad idea? Basically I'd like to put an aldila tour blue into a srixon u85 driving iron. TIA
  7. For what it's worth I have a 54 M grind and 58 D grind (I'm in south jersey) I had 58 m grind and couldnt get out of bunkers to save my life. Chucked the 58 m grind and so glad I did. I can flop it, hit it low etc.
  8. 2-3 for me, throw hitting balls 1 or 2 days as well. Ideally it would be Tues, Thursday, Saturday.
  9. That was my 1st thought but based on his feedback, i thought that maybe he just didnt know. After thinking about it, $50 isnt terrible as Superstrokes are close to $35
  10. I have the CNC on my del mar california and would love to get a back up. All the ones that I have seen are 100+. I found this on the bay https://www.ebay.com/itm/Scotty-Cameron-Non-Cord-Black-Pistelini-Putter-Grip-Gold-Dancing-Writing/184343389184?hash=item2aebb8e400:g:cf4AAOSwr7xee6eL Is a cord no cord? Granted I dont want to spend $50 on a grip, but I cant find anything that is close in feel to the CNC
  11. Ok. I thought it was just a run of the mill prov1x but the double line threw me off
  12. Found this ball while looking for a buddy's ball in the woods...wasnt mine, i promise????
  13. I have a 54 M grind and a 58 D grind. the D has the playability of the M but with the added benefit of some more bounce. Its my go to in the bunker
  14. Just give it more time, yeah? Like I said, not a rush. I still have my gamers in the bag (not that I can play right now in NJ, but i do hit balls), the non conforming are the boy's right now but I'm going to give him my back up SM5s (which the 610s are coming out of), so you see where this is going, right?
  15. Not exactly sure of the temp. Its the basement so maybe 60ish? Its not a huge rush to get it done, its just a corona project. Reshafting nonconforming vokeys with 610s from another set a vokeys. Its either do this or paint stuff my wife wants painted
  16. I found a tube of golf works epoxy that I had left over (maybe a year or 2. I am guessing that it was opened. I mixed up a little bit yesterday to see if it would set properly on a piece of cardboard with a popcicle stick. It seems to have set BUT i can kind of make a small dent in it with my finger nail. It seems to be more "pliable" than hard. Use it or toss it and buy some new stuff? Thanks
  17. Played 18 with it the other day. I must say, I was UNDERwhelmed by the max. I hit it just as far as my 917d2 (basically in all the same spots), and the forgiveness was good. I'll give it a few more rounds to see where it takes me, but I think that the TS3 is much longer
  18. I'll measure it when I get home. It plays standard 4 wood length in a Callaway Rogue
  19. Only 2 on this trip but its time to start realizing facts are facts...i"m not good enough for this stuff 1st up, Srixon U85 4 iron 23* with Aerotech Steelfiber i95 shaft. Bought used specs look spot on. At 5'4", 240, 50 years old, who am I kidding???? I need a hybrid. Lets go $130 shipped Next up is a Project X Evenflow Blue Stiff 75g 4 wood shaft. Another "I can slow my swing down for this"...Lets face it sport fans...I'm a mess Lets say $40 shipped There are some other "items" that havent been cut yet but could be had for the right price: Taylor Made Spider Plumbers Neck WITH limited edition STITCH orange birdie headcover, Scotty Cameron Select Newport 2 call sign blackie. If interested in these lemme know. They both have been bent 2* flat and are 33" each
  20. Lol...thats exactly what I am a "self-fitter" and usually its sight unseen as well. I dont think that I have even picked up a Max and gave it a little waggle...
  21. Now I am beginning to regret this purchase that hasnt arrived yet
  22. You guys are KILLING me!!! LOL. Hopefully the coronavirus strikes, my district gets closed and I can extensively test these 2 clubs. LOL
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