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  1. The nice two-some you get paired up with decide to break out the whiskey at 7 AM. Yeah...they couldn't handle their booze.
  2. I would check out the L.A.W.S https://www.golftipsmag.com/instruction/faults-and-fixes/laws-revisited/
  3. Yeah, Josh Nahm for me. Quality guy as well. In person, look at where he got me: Before: [media=] [/media] After: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lxES_ZhVWvs
  4. I bought the package, and it just came down to being an online student and not fully understanding the right positions. It is an extremely technical teaching to me. Watching every video, including the student lesson ones, and it got to the point that I never knew if I was in the right positions. The students in person weren't in the right positions, ever, so how could I ever get in that position from an online perspective? Overall, this method depends on your interpretation as an online student or if you can physically go see Edwin and his crew. Or, rather, if you can accept that you won't
  5. Good topic. Question is do you really want to even go the route of online instruction? Ready to record your swing every time? Analyze the swing yourself, send it, wait for it, then try to incorporate what has been sent to you on the range. Hope that the next video you've recorded is adequate and accomplishes the goal? I applaud online instructors. I can't imagine the patience required and the hope they have that their student understands the point they are getting across. The list of online instructors I have had are significant. The problem was I wasn't a good online student. I was so
  6. I enjoy his channel. He's discussing different theories on the golf swing, then bringing in the instructors that can teach them. I personally don't take any of the lessons as a way to teach me anything, I'm set on my golf swing, it's just discussion based for me. I think at the end of the day you just have to filter out what you want to learn, or if you just want to filter it out as something to pass the time and engage in good discussions. If you want to make it more complicated and react too much about the different business decisions he's made, then so be it. I could care less though, an
  7. Some info: My dad has never had a golf lesson. Just "hit and hope" as he says it. He's a decent player though, has an 8-iron bump & run shot that gets him at least 1 chip in a round. Thing is though, lately, his full swing has gone to crap. He used to hit a push fade, and now, for the last 3 months, he is hitting this depressing pull hook that just barely gets off the ground - and directly into the rough. I know it's not a great swing to look at, but if anyone can KEEP IT SIMPLE, please reply with your advice. I've tried everything within my power, and somehow (he's very stubborn) he
  8. At first, I too thought it was snake oil salesman type of product, with big names attached to it. Now that I'm in it a decent ways...I couldn't have been more wrong. I've had some fantastic online instructors, and great in-person instructors, but they address what I want, which is me and the club - and some form of swing of that club. I haven't been a good student, either from jumping around or not being able to repeat the requirements because I simply didn't take the time and effort. Tathata forces me to approach this whole golf thing differently - and it's all about me, and my dedication t
  9. By the way, that golf swing of Paul Wilson is misleading you all just a bit. His method is loose, passive, etc, but that is all in the downswing. The backswing is loose, but you are putting your body in the right position, so that you can literally go arms/hands free at the ball. I'm not sure if that was the purpose of the topic, but since I saw Paul Wilson on the video, I thought I'd shed some light. Paul is a great instructor and a heck of an individual in which I've traded multiple e-mails with over the years.
  10. Inside right shoulder, hitting the inside of the ball. Fixed my OTT instantly.
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