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  1. I would pull the trigger but waiting for one Golfwrx’er to post thoughts on comparing the 225s and 921 HMP. I’m concerned with all the talk about the heads being smaller than the MP20 HMB. The 921 HMPs are near perfect but I love the muscle back look of the 225s. Here’s hoping.
  2. I ordered the 17 but as a guy who cranks everything open I’m nervous about it being glued.
  3. Does it sit square to open? Did you go with the 80 gram RDX?
  4. Hoping you post a quick review when you get them. I’m looking to upgrade my 921 HMP and the 225s are the front runner
  5. You beautiful bastxxx. So interested in your impressions of 225s
  6. And some heads are more appealing to ones eye. I prefer the rounded look to the more triangular look.
  7. Had a V2 86g stiff shaft in it and absolutely killed it. Got to tinkering out a Matrix 7M3 Black Tie in it and it was never the same. I was a complete idiot for letting it go. Should’ve just put another V2 in it. Hoping the UW has a similar profile.
  8. One of the few clubs I miss letting go is the Adams Speedline Classic Hybrid/FW. I’m hoping the UW brings back those fond memories.
  9. OG Rocketballz for looks but SIM Max for overall performance.
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