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  1. No worries. Easy enough to check the serial with Ping. Thanks Man.
  2. Nice set of PXG GEN3 0311XP forged irons for sale 4-PW. Grips are stock PXG z5 grips. These irons were shortened by the previous owner since PXG stock length on this model is + 1/2" over on most modern era irons. The 0311XP stock specs are +1/2" long on the industry standard. Standard PXG lofts (which are Strong) and standard PXG lie. Shafts are TT elevate 95 regular flex shafts. Normal face and sole wear. Trade interests: Ping G425 woods and irons only email/pp is [email protected] Asking $1245 $1195 shipped in CONUS
  3. Great seller. Wish it was the G425Max. What driver did you settle on Jim?
  4. Great seller. One of the best. Art you know you need my PXG 0311XP. LOL
  5. Legacy Man is back. Gorgeous woods and a great seller !!
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