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  1. Interested in the 10 LST head and cover
  2. 5.5M Scotty now SOLD as well. Thanks guys for everyone who should interest and was patient.
  3. Thanks all that sent me PMs on the 5W. It is SOLD but 5.5M is still available.
  4. All PMs replied to. The line is long for the 5W. I'll let everyone know as soon as a deal is secured.
  5. All PMs replied to. Heading out to play. I'll return the next PMs in the order they come in.
  6. Finally decided to move these as they have not been in use since I bought them. My rating on WRX is well over 500 but can't get it to show accurately. Baffling why this can't be corrected email/ PP is ckrichards92@verizon.net 1) Scotty Cameron Futura 5.5M 35". Nice coniditon with scotty cameron studio design grip. This is not the original grip I assume and I have not pulled it off to see what is under the hood. Measures 35" and comes with grey scotty head cover. Weights installed are 20gSOLD 1) Custom Scotty Cameron Futura 5W 35". Nice condition with Superstroke 1.0 flatso grip. Thi
  7. Gorgeous Irons. Shaft is the only thing holding me back. Any idea of swingweight?
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