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  1. Indeed. I have the MT Pro CMs with the 7 being the first of the blades. About 10 mm width on the 7 with the rest of the lower clubs being similar. Even the cavity irons are pretty thin. I think the other MacGregor models right before that were also pretty thin.
  2. Wonderful irons! Best sound ever. I had 4 or 5 sets of these beauties from about 1999 - 2008. Trying to see if I can locate my spec sheets. If memory serves, the PW was 49*. Kind of a goose chase; however, I believe Tom Wishon designed the 600Bs when Golfsmith took over the name. I seem to recall a comment he made about the MB-1's sole not being very playable. So, this makes me think he had at least had a look at them during the 600B design. Perhaps he has a file on this somewhere. I'll keep looking. Really surprised I don't see them amongst the Toski VEC Tour
  3. Still using my R7 TP 15*. Love the higher pitched sound on a good hit. Actually dumped a SLDR Mini TP 16* as it just didn’t seem as long off the tee and was harder from the fairway. I like the drivers, fairways and rescues TM did in 2005 and still use them.
  4. I put some clear tennis racquet head tape on the shaft where it meets the bag. Electrical tape also works on dark shafts. Really not noticeable and neither peel off the paint. I use a big staff bag with no individual dividers. I bought some foam pipe insulation with large enough diameter for a club to fit. Sometimes have to trim to length. It tears up In a few years from the grip going in and out and I just get another one for a few dollars.
  5. About 8 - 9 years with my MacGregor MT Pro gunmetals (well over 300 rounds) and the wear areas just get a bit more glossy black looking. Never liked the way chrome wore so this is one reason why I bought them.
  6. I just started playing a set of stainless 735s last year. I change off between them and my longtime MacGregor MT Pro CM gunmetals. The MacGregors have a narrower sole and a bit less offset at appearance. The 7 iron is where the blades begin. I really like both sets and wouldn’t pick one over the other. The black Cobra CB set Fowler was using and that’s mentioned in an earlier post is very similar looking to the MacGregors. Really nice. I have never hit them, but just based on the design, I bet they are solid. That would be the first set I would look at if I was in the market.
  7. Definitely following this too. I still use an original R-flex in my R5 TP. Really like it. Just feels solid but not boardy. Really helps with making my swing more smooth. I have a spare S-flex in another R5 TP that I toy with pulling and putting in an R7 TP 3w
  8. I extended two sets this spring using those color coded ones. The previous tips you received are helpful. I had one of the measurement extensions, but I think the calipers to measure in ID works better. I used the extension-specific epoxy but I think regular golf epoxy would be fine. I did sand up the extension a bit before applying the epoxy. When I dried them, I stood them upside down to prevent any excess down the shaft. I also made sure to check no residue snapped off that would cause a rattle after gripping.
  9. TM R5 TP 10.5* with regular flex Diamana Blueboard. Also have another R5 TP 10.5* in stiff and an R7 425 TP 10.5* with a Reax regular. Hate that shaft.
  10. Many thanks guys. That Aldila also sounds interesting although I think a .350 would be tricky to sand down.
  11. Thank you very much for the expertise! I’m going to have to ask the seller. The title says R but the description and I think pic shows S. Edit: Seller can’t find the shaft. Oh well.
  12. Read a tip years ago where you boil head and ferrule. Take a small piece of grip and wrap around ferrule. Unwrap that grip piece and it loosens the ferrule. You can then move up the shaft. Put some foil around the ferrule and heat head as normal. I sort of do the grip wrap but the rest has worked very well.
  13. Looking for some input (please) on two TM driver reshaft projects. What might be a good heavier R flex equivalent to the old TM TP Diamana Blueboard 83? Some background: I like my mid-2000s clubs. I use an R5 TP 10.5* with the stock Blueboard in R flex and think it works well. I still have reasonably quick tempo despite getting older and having shoulder surgeries but find it works better when I smooth the swing out a bit and let the shaft do the work. Having a somewhat heavier R flex is nice. For reasonably-priced fun, I am looking to reshaft another R5 TP I have with an S flex Diamana in
  14. I think you may be referring to the Maxfli MCT-97 blades by Maltby. Really nice looking cast club that I would have liked to try. Another one I never tried but definitely should be mentioned are the Maxfli Revolutions. Lots of players liked them.
  15. Fitted wheel cover to keep the trunk clean. I could accomplish the same thing with a bag, but it’s a good size and cheap enough. I’ll have to check out the steering handle. I would have thought I would have needed the staff bag holder but mine amazingly fits. Still, something to check out too.
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