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  1. He probably was beaten up...by the pimp or drug dealer he was negotiating with. A good Christian family man on tour, (they all claim to be) can't admit that, can he? So... "I can't remember a thing." Better than having to keep his alcoholic/drug/adultery story(s) straight. No matter what... "I can't remember a thing." means, "I don't dare tell you what really happened." Sniff test, failed!
  2. I have loved every Cleveland product I have ever tried except 1. (the '09 Launcher driver...too spinny for me) I love their wedges, and I know that's not a news flash. I currently game the CG16 Tour irons, and 588 forged wedges, and LOVE them. I can't believe the amount of feel in the cast irons. The headline for me has been Cleveland fairway woods. I have had several 3-woods of theirs that I have absolutely loved. I think they're vastly underrated and overlooked. Good launch and long too. Give them a look next time you're in the market for a fairway or hybrid. Very solid.
  3. It could just be a cascading series of things... that finally had him feeling out of control...and needing a break from it all. Maybe he got prescribed Adderall, "for focus", realized it was legal speed and tried to quit, and couldn't so he added illegal speed or coke to make up the difference. I know people who turned to cocaine to get off that stuff. Or maybe it was prescription pain meds for his back, which actually WAS hurt previously... and it spun out if control. And now he needs 4 Oxys with his OJ in the morning just to feel normal. If its weed (doubt it) he's not physically add
  4. Buy Callaway HX Bites or original TaylorMade Burner TP on clearance. If possible. Or Bridgestone e5.
  5. What you have can work. And I've had 3 different set-ups (above PW) as I got better, and as my bag evolved with my game. 1st had 52-56 and that's it. I used that 56 for most everything short, and that's what I practiced with...and was fine. Not afraid to go back to it. Added a 60* lobber to that set-up for a while. Liked it ok. Then, new, stronger lofted irons, which dictated a 50* gap wedge, so I went with a 54 and a 58 above the GW. Loving that now, into 2nd set of wedges with those lofts. All 3 are fine. All can work. I'd just recommend either swap the 54 for a 56*
  6. For a bargain: Aldila NV if you want a lower flight. Graffalloy ProLaunch Blue if you want a higher flight.
  7. [quote name='ScooterMcTavish' timestamp='1383071948' post='8074625'] Good deal! Make sure you game them and report back. But no tournaments for you - those reminder grips are illegal! [/quote] I didn't know they were illegal! Funny! Why is that, specifically? And why don't non-tourney players use them? Seems with all the SuperStroke, JumboMax, Crown Jumbo's of the world...players who never play a tournament could/should...?? (edit:typos)
  8. Just got a win on the tour with Ryan Moore. He was playing S55s, according to the interwebs. ...and a Burner Superfast driver.
  9. Kept the bag, the matching woods, along with a pre-war persimmon & few antique putters from a different Grandfather. Let the Kro-Flite irons go, but kept a nice, matching, "Reminder-grip"ped, nearly-MINT, set of Wilson Sam Snead Champ blades we also inherited. So I have that bag with one very cool, very retro set. Just not the K-F irons. [size=4] [/size]
  10. Speaking of Kro Flite... Are these irons special or valuable in any way? I suspect not, but they're a complete set 2 thru PW with steel shafts I suspect are from the 60s...or 50's. In-laws inherited. I said I'd ask around. Any info? They're off to Goodwill otherwise... :-) (see attached)
  11. [quote name='avgjoe' timestamp='1381975963' post='8013713'] sand wedge reminds me of the old hogan sure out [/quote] It totally IS a SURE OUT!!!!! ...which my dad still uses, loves, and swears by. (fyi)
  12. My kid brother, a once-a-year golfer, using a bag of ancient balls that came to our house from from our grandfather's garage after he died...while playing with work folks, MADE AN ACE, with a [u][i][b]Kro-Flite ball[/b][/i][/u]. ...............In 2001!!!!!!! He told the guy in the pro shop that he made an ace, and the guy says: "What ball did you use? If you tell the manufacturer, some will send you a dozen balls to congratulate you." Brother: "Uh, here, it's a, uh, Kro-Flite?" PGA Pro: "A What?!" Bro: "K-R-O flite." PGA:"That ball's older than me!...and you! Are you messing with
  13. Awesome! Thx! Anser Milled #6, sight dot, tungsten weights 350g+, 36" Thanks for the daydream fantasy, at the very least.
  14. [quote name='pgarob' timestamp='1382540239' post='8045563'] ........Non equipment would be the mental game. I really have focused on staying more positive on the course, and really staying in the moment, and that was a huge help. Trying to stay more even keel, not getting too high, or worse too low. Been a great improvement for me. [/quote] Great point!!!!!!!! I know it said "equipment" in the headline, but... Your mental game changes can save MANY more shots than any piece of gear. Goes unsaid too often. Thx! For me, it was a technique change. Switched to cross hand, or left hand
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