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  1. Looking for an untipped or max 0.5” tipped Ventus black 7s shaft to be used in fairway wood. Let me know what you have, tipping and length and price. Thanks.
  2. It is rather odd that so many good players who won more regularly switched to PXG and never won again and now have switched back to other clubs...schwartzel, horschel, zach johnson, and lydia ko.
  3. Looking for a set of Taylormade tour proto p750 4-pw, prefer heads only. No gouges and no browning. Please send pics and price shipped to 62305. Thanks.
  4. those wide body blades are amazing! would love a release of this as well. looks like the face milling is going to be a little softer and less clicky than the PLD tyne 4 release.
  5. Fairly similar,just more familiar weight in the 9-pw in the Amt. I think the amt 4 iron just a bit easier to hit higher. Depends on your preference for weight and tempo.
  6. Just added them. Let me know if they didn’t come through. I still have to get pics of the 120 x100. Will add that in a bit.
  7. Up for sale multiple items, PayPal only, no trade offers please. Offers via PM only. Prices include priority mail shipping CONUS. 1: Taylormade P7MC 4-PW with DG X100 shafts and Taylormade a grip. 4 iron is about 39.5 to end of grip, Pw is 36.5. Pw loft is 46, 9 is 42 and rest is standard. Lie ordered 1 degree upright. Set is in excellent condition. SOLD 2: Dynamic gold AMT X100 3-PW, 3 iron still new, PW 34 5/8”, 4 iron 37 5/8” SOLD 3: Dynamic Gold Pro X100 3-PW shafts, Brand new shaft labels make this feel like a new set. 3 iron shaft 37 5/8”, PW 34”. $165 150 135 4
  8. i have tried a bunch...monster mat which is similar to the CCE and was punishing on fat shots and unrealistic from that standpoint. Also too much resistance causing some elbow pain. Used divot action as well and it seemed better but almost not enough resistance with the flexion. Fiberbuilt while it is very forgiving it doesn't allow you to feel the compression of impact and it acts as a ball sitting up on the first cut of rough and also too forgiving. I then got a cutout insert of the YT golf mat from china which is almost exactly like the wittek mat and so far it seems to be pretty good. Good
  9. so glad about this...hated watching the coverage with the annoying celebrities and bad swings...if I want to see bad swings I can play rounds at my course...and look in the mirror as well! Now I can watch coverage of this historic venue and top golfers that I want to emulate...sooo happy!!
  10. I also agree that looks can inspire confidence....no matter how amazing a driver can be for performance, I would never have gamed the wilson triton...would not be able to look down at that driver. I think looks starts off the testing process first and then it is solidified by feel and performance. For me at least...Same reason some folks prefer the look of blades vs game improvement irons...
  11. Looks to me to be a step backward in tech.i really loved the weight track in my current SIM..and finish does not seem to be as refined as before almost as if it is a knockoff...but of course I am sure I will be trying it!
  12. Anyone have the 770 4 iron blended with a 5-pw p7mc? I am debating this to get a little more distance to cover 190-205 instead of my p7mc 4 iron which is more 185-195. I am just worried about the change in feel being hard to adjust to. Love the feel and thin sole of the p7mc and wonder about the thicker sole of the p770 and firmer feel.
  13. I prefer the softer feel of the p7mc and the ability to work the ball a little. I noticed that the p770 felt harsher and just wanted to go straight. That was with the demo 7 iron only.
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