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  1. I have had great success with Taylormade p750 irons. Tried srixon zx-7 and just didn’t work for me.
  2. Looking for 2-3 project x wedge shafts .355 taper, 6.0 flex. Blackout version would be an option as well. Grips not needed. Min length 34-34.5” , no extensions. Labels should be in reasonable shape.
  3. They are pretty special looking. Modeled after the boron black Japan only model from several years back that was limited edition. Just too much club for me right now. Figure someone that appreciates those irons can put it through the paces.
  4. Multiple items, shipped conus Usps priority. No trade interests. First to PayPal gets them. PM with questions and offers, do not reply in the thread. Can remove adapters from shafts if needed. 1: Ping G425 LST 10.5 with headcover. SOLD 2: Custom one of a kind set of Taylormade P750 3-PW tour issue heads refinished in black DLC. Bought brand new heads snd then refinished by golf garage. Used 3 rounds. 3 iron brand new. Small loss of finish near hosel on 7 iron. Not visible at address. Shafts shown in pic have been pulled and sold as well. Decided to keep. 3: Ping iblades black dot 4-PW with DG X100 shafts. Small nicks on sole of 8 iron as shown in pics. PW 35.5”. SOLD 4: Graphite design Tour Ad HD 6x shaft tipped 0.5”. 43 7/8” Ping g410/425 adapter. Can remove. $250 240 5: Atmos Black 6S tour spec with ping adapter, 44” to tip of adapter. $125 115 6: Atmos Blue 6X tour spec with ping adapter. 44” to tip of adapter SOLD 7: Atmos Red 7S tour spec with ping adapter 42.5” to tip of adapter. SOLD 8: AMT tour white s300 4-gw shafts. .355 taper. PW 34 1/8”, 4 iron 37.25”. They have some tip weights which I can remove before shipping if needed. SOLD 9: Cleveland zip core full face 60. $140 10: Ping g425 lst 3 wood head and headcover. SOLD Can include Atmos red 7s shaft for SOLD pin 9/4
  5. I have found that TM heads are too upright for my swing as I don't hit down on the ball...finding a flatter lie spec stickered 3 wood is better for my swing. Cannot achieve that with retail offering. and seeing the variability in lofts on tour issue specs for the same "15 degree" head is eye-opening about loft tolerances which doesn't' guarantee an off the shelf product is anywhere near the stated loft. I have see 15 degree heads spec at 18 deg which is just bad. I still have an OG 2016 M2 tour issue 3HL head that hits it long and full face grooves which designated it as a tour head. But just a little too upright at 59 so found a sim max at 56.6 lie. One reason that ping fairway woods are soo good to hit as they tend to be flatter lie adjustable, and flatter sole in general.
  6. Thanks I will look at those. Was hoping to find the chalk version to match the lagp white shaft.
  7. I am interested in replicating his putter. I have a lagp shaft I used in my Newport and wanted to try one in a spider. Anyone know where to get the plumbers neck spider X like the one Sergio has?
  8. I agree as well. While I love my zipcore wedges, didn't like the full face 60 I got in either the raw or chrome versions.
  9. Another option would be the ping iblades. Less mass on the sole to hit turf when missing thin. And ample forgiveness in the players package...i59 too expensive and doesn't feel as good.
  10. iblades are amazing. I shot my lowest round with them years ago, sold them, bought them sold them and of course just bought them again hoping to have the delivered today or tomorrow! they are truly the best blend of feel, forgiveness in an iron that is not tiny blade like. I like the thinner sole as a picker compared to i210 which I had as well. Will see if they perform like they did in the past.
  11. Seems like they only have the 410-425 version.
  12. Anyone have an extra adapter sleeve for ping g400 head that they would be willing to sell? I have a couple for g425 but want to try one with g400 max driver I just got without paying $30 for shipping from China. Thanks!
  13. Second set of heads now available.
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