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  1. Found what I needed.
  2. I use 50 ( full 120, half 90 yards), 54 (full 105, half 75), and have tried 58/60/62 in the final spot. I love the 62 from green side rough and bunkers as it has wide sole but low bounce. Maltby M series + 62. It is a little short on distance for the 50 yard shot that I need that is easy with the 60 degree half swing. Half swing 58 is closer to 60y. half swing 62 is closer to 40y. I think I will likely go back to 60 as I like the 50 yard shot in the bag. Rarely do I use the 60 for full shots. Didn't like 56 as I could comfortably get it to 95 but needed the 100yard shot dialed in and 54 did th
  3. Multiple items, shipped conus Usps priority. No trade interests. First to PayPal gets them. PM with questions and offers 1: Autoflex 505X length 43 5/8”. No adapter or grip. $650 625 2: Tensei pro white 1k 60 stiff tipped 0.5” taylormade adapter. Length 42.5” with adapter $220 210 200 3: Taylormade AV blue 65FW regular flex shaft 42.5” to tip of adapter $60 55 pin 7/18
  4. Sim max head is sold. Lie was 60.4 small smear in the ink.
  5. no hot melt in Sim max head added and I got it new wrapped so don't know if anything was added from tour dept but unlikely as they only add when it is built.
  6. Multiple items, shipped conus Usps priority. No trade interests. First to PayPal gets them. Need to sell by Wed 6/16 as I am out of town starting Thursday 6/17-6/28. 1: Tensei pro white 1k 50 TX shaft only, no tipping. 44.25” SOLD 2: Autoflex 505 no adapter/grip no tipping. Length 44.25” SOLD 3: Mizuno STZ 3 wood with 60 5.5 R riptide shaft. Like new hit once. SOLD 4: Taylormade Sim 2 titanium 3 wood with av blue regular shaft and headcover. SOLD 5: Taylormade tour issue Sim Max driver 8 degree head, loft is 7.6. Mint. Will include standard headcover. SOLD
  7. I just built up the adapter in sim 2 fairway and g410 lst fairway. First time using it in fairway woods. Will see how it plays.
  8. I totally agree with the club conex part. It was a blessing in disguise. @swingblues when you say you order from topgolf do you mean the allfit place in China that ships fedex or is there a top golf place in the US you can order from other than billy bobs?
  9. i agree with Ping being easy to elevate off the deck which is what I struggled with. I think also having a lighter shaft is key as a lot of fairway woods at 43 with 70g shafts seems a little heavy. If you play them shorter at 42 or 42.5 that also makes a huge difference as the stock shafts are often just too long. Don't be afraid to cut them down. Control and confidence is more important than length in fairways. The lie angles also make a huge difference. taylormade fairways are too upright, ping is nice a flat with the flat sole of g410 and 425. best fairways I have ever hit even if not the l
  10. I totally agree. They have been great, I never liked the need to trim shafts withnclub conex and it never inserted fully like this one does.
  11. Let us know if with that information you are able to source screws in the US.
  12. i see. that is different that the screws that came in my adapters. No matter as I use the longer ping screw for my G425 and the stock sim screw
  13. not sure what you mean...are you using the standard ping screw that came with the driver, a standard all fit longer PIng screw or something else?
  14. Sorry it was a typo on the title. It is a 3 iron. Price added. Thanks
  15. Multiple items, shipped Usps conus. No trade interests. First to PayPal gets them. 1: Ventus blue with velocore 6x shaft only, no tipping. Can put a Taylormade or ping g410/425 adapter on it if needed. 43.75”. SOLD 2: Ventus blue 7x with velocore no tipping. G410/425 adapter. Plays 43” SOLD 3: Ventus black with velocore 6s, shaft only, no tipping. Can put a Taylormade or ping g410/425 adapter on it if needed. 43 3/8”. No grip. SOLD 4: Ventus black 7s with velocore no tipping. G410/425 adapter. Plays 43” SOLD 5: Ping iblades 4-PW blue dot, DG S300 shafts and karma ove
  16. I placed an order last week and spoke to them about this wrench and ordered a few should be delivered any day now.
  17. I have confirmed that the older Rbz wrench works as well. Tried on callaway I had but didn’t seem to work. I think the issue in talking with Liam is the length of the torx component of the wrench and the tip diameter. The shorter the length the less the purchase in the screw. They also have wrenches as well that will go up on the site soon. Here is Rbz wrench pic.
  18. I have run into the issue of the newer white taylormade wrenches not working with the ping longer screw. I emailed with Liam and told him the issue, seems like I am already stripping the head now. and also, it doesn't click when torque limited like oem screws do...so don't know if I have tightened it enough. I don't think I have any of the older TM wrenches around...can we get the screw directly from top golf in the US without the large shipping cost from China? Might have to get a few as they might wear out in my ping g425 head.
  19. It is rather odd that so many good players who won more regularly switched to PXG and never won again and now have switched back to other clubs...schwartzel, horschel, zach johnson, and lydia ko.
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