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  1. [quote name='amrivew' timestamp='1337402827' post='4941176'] 913? Half the Titleist staff on your are still playing 909's, then again, maybe that's why they need the 913... [/quote] [quote name='Petho' timestamp='1337488664' post='4944694'] 905r head cover was the best [/quote] 905R is still in the bag. Just lookin to see what the take is on the newer gear. The 905 had the best head cover IMHO
  2. Rarely, if ever, in today's society to you ever hear someone speak at length without pause or filler words. Mr Foley speaks eloquently with passionate knowledge of his craft that is compelling to listen to. IMHO, TGC would be foolish to not find a way to get SF more air time. Thankfully PVRs exist.
  3. To those of you that play mini-tours ... do you change wedge set-ups to suite the conditions of the course? Or do you attempt to fit your gear and swing to the conditions regardless of turf and dampness?
  4. Do you think the market is flooded with Cameron putters already and people would be ready for a change?
  5. 905R I haven't seen the 910 in person yet. The 907 didn't impress me. The 909 wasn't different enough to warrant switching my 905.
  6. [quote name='tembolo1284' timestamp='1290781741' post='2809672'] [quote name='Bad9' timestamp='1290781078' post='2809660'] [quote name='dalehead' timestamp='1290696413' post='2808161'] [quote name='Bad9' timestamp='1290695687' post='2808147'] [quote name='danielh' timestamp='1290658982' post='2807809'] Wait, Sara and Elena are considered fat?!? Are my standards that low? Elena reminds me of Fran the nanny too much. Her voice is very nasal and I don't care for much of the words being produced by it. [/quote] People thinking they are fat is one of the problems we have in our society.
  7. Another Lamkin endorsement here. I use the red crossline full cord, round grip exclusively, driver through LW. No glove, great durability, and great performance in all weather conditions.
  8. [quote name='eightiron' timestamp='1285454836' post='2713859'] [quote name='Dariusz J.' timestamp='1285453669' post='2713843'] [quote name='eightiron' timestamp='1285453110' post='2713835'] [quote name='Dariusz J.' timestamp='1285434776' post='2713570'] No question Jim Furyk. Cheers [/quote] No question ? Dariusz have you seen him hit the ball ? Garcia is light years beyond him , another up close who is absolute dynamite is Quiros, Senden has nice flail but just a club dropper compared to those two spanish guys, can't up the ante. Ogilvy even with the old metal heads years back was
  9. Not a fan of Taylor Made, Callaway, or Adidas.
  10. [quote name='canuck7' timestamp='1284156067' post='2689901'] looks like a skateboarder. I'm all for individual style, but you need to dress appropriately for the place and look like a pro golfer. [/quote] Totally inappropriate tournament attire. Looks stupid, IMHO.
  11. For those who don't know Nick Starchuk ... I started working with Nick this year. His knowledge of golf swing is astounding. The best thing about working with someone with this knowledge base is that not matter how you swing the club, Nick knows which components work with what you're currently doing and which ones don't compliment your current move. He's not a pattern instructor but knows the patterns being taught the world over and he can tweak your swing rather than teach you a whole new swing. I doubt I've explained it very well but my hdcp index is 1.1 and I'm always impressed by M
  12. [quote name='jeffc' timestamp='1283698436' post='2680126'] [quote name='caryk' timestamp='1282523994' post='2655552'] If you've seen one Pro V1, you've seen (and hit) them all. I think it's time for Titleist to drop the name and come out with something more refreshing. This should have been Pro V6. [/quote] I thought it was a bad name from the start. Ever notice how ProV1 is very close to ProV1sional? [/quote] It's time to go back to calling it the [b]Professional[/b].
  13. [quote name='Daniel Lafferty' timestamp='1282185714' post='2648320'] [quote name='#1Ballin' timestamp='1282185184' post='2648303'] Boa sucks dont get it. regular laces for the win. They fit amazing. if you liked contour, you will love these. They have a better platform than contours. More stable for my feet through the swing. Classics are the best, but they don't make them anymore. [/quote] boa is awesome. i have two pairs. very comfortable. i have not tried the icons yet tho, but my reelfits are really comfortable and the boa system is awesome. [/quote] +1 Boa system is awes
  14. I wouldn't consider wearing these if they were free. I'm guessing if you're over 20 yrs old you probably aren't into this style.
  15. Titleist gear throughout I'm looking forward to seeing how the new irons and wedges perform once I tip it up when the weather gets nice.
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