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  1. Thanks for the offers and like I said it has been a while, I should have stated "no trade" interest at this time. Thanks again,
  2. Ok, it's been awhile, got burned 2 weeks ago buying a driver and I promise it won't happen to you from me! R15 10.5* with the stock Speeder shaft "stiff" I have hit this thing maybe 4 or 5 times and just don't like it, Price is $315 shipped or BRO, stupid offers will not deserve a response. Comes with: Headcover and wrench (not opened) and I still have the plastic sleeve it came in. If you need more or different pictures just let me know, email is the best way to reach me at crum dot Frankie @ gmail dot com Thanks for looking
  3. Oh? Yeah I'm still game and old R 11, had a 11 S and broke the face they sent me a brand-new SLDR and that's a piece of crap so I went back to the R11
  4. <p>Yes it has been a while but like a bad dream "I'm back!"<br /> First up: Titleist 910D3 10.5* comes with the OEM headcover with the Diamana 'ahina 72 gram shaft stiff flex $150 OBO<br /> </p> <p> </p> Next up: Callaway RAZR Hawk Tour with 10.5* OEM headcover Diamana 'illima 60 gram stiff shaft $150 OBO Next up is a Callaway RAZR Fit 9.5* with OEM headcover Aldila RIP 70 Gram regular flex $150 OBO As always if you have any questions or want a different picture feel free to email me at [email protected] or PM me here, I will ship on Monday anyth
  5. You are absolutely correct! What we need is a couple of bouncer looking guys in suits that go over and pick the guy up and carry him to the gate! Then they tell him "next time we won't be so nice!" JMHO [quote name='MtlJeff' timestamp='1379197288' post='7851553'] Johnny Miller said it right, which is the only thing you can do is ignore it. Confronting the fan is exactly what the guy wanted.If you read the article Jason Sobel wrote on golf yellers, they all think they are the coolest thing since sliced bread. That guy is going to go home and high five his friends that he got Zach to react.
  6. No I don't think he looked "stupid" at all, I watched and thought how tired he looked was my first impression. [quote name='Playaway' timestamp='1371678991' post='7285100'] Does anybody else think Jack looked kinda stupid sitting on that seat stick on the first tee of the playoff? It was like he was glued to it or that it was giving him some supernatural power or something. More like the "or something" evidently. Absolutely loved the special. Trevino is one of my all time favorites. -Grew up in a 3 room house with a dirt floor. -"Looks like you guys are going to have a Mexican for
  7. I have the brother/sister to that!! My isn't near that pretty 'cause I use it and it has great feel, without a doubt the BEST putter I've ever owned. GLWS Oh, and thanks weaver93 for helping me spend my money!! ;0)
  8. I truly believe Golfjuki71 because I have seen his "for sale" adds!!!!! LOL! [quote name='Golfjunki71' timestamp='1368325827' post='7015160'] [quote name='wolfpack' timestamp='1368325187' post='7015106'] Honestly why would they? WRX'ers are a huge fajita pita to the retail workers. Demoing constantly for extended periods, waffling on decisions, rarely buying anything, thumbing their nose at the advise of shop workers since we KNOW everything already. If I was a PGA fitter I would run away from a WRX'er like the plague. They might be able to sell something to a person who just saw a
  9. When you move to the golf course! And yes I did..........sad but true.
  10. LOL! I'd love to play golf with you someday, you are probably old enough to be my son but that's ok, he does the same thing but with cars! I used to be that way but age and money seem to hinder ho'ing quite a bit now. Good luck with the mizzy's and hope they are in the bag next year at this time! [quote name='Golfjunki71' timestamp='1353772474' post='5972637'] [quote name='barriec' timestamp='1353767102' post='5972359'] no way he has these in bag this time next year. [/quote] You're probably right. If I can go 30 days I'm cured. [/quote]
  11. So if someone hit you up the side of the head with a baseball bat would you then be forged, milled or cast?
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