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  1. If this has been asked already I'm sorry. Will Titleist release TSi hybrids with the woods or will they come with new irons next year?
  2. Shipping will be to confirmed PayPal addresses in the lower 48 U.S. States only. Shipping is tricky right now so message me about shipping methods. I need to sell these items so I'm not looking for trades at this time, sorry. 1) PXG 0811X Gen 1 9* driver with factory installed Project X Evenflow T1100 75g 6.0 flex. Driver is in like new condition and the correct head cover is included. $225 2) PXG 0311X Gen 1 1-iron driving iron with factory installed Project X Evenflow Blue 85g 6.0 flex. Club is in excellent + condition with very little use. $215 SOLD 3) PXG 0311X Gen 1 2-iron driving iron with Graphite Design Tour 95 stiff flex shaft. Shaft was purchased new and installed by the People's Clubs. Club is in excellent + condition. $265 SOLD 4) PXG 0311X Gen 1 3-iron driving iron with factory installed Aerotech Steelfiber i110CW stiff flex shaft. Club is in very good condition. $200 SOLD 5) Graphite Design Tour AD GP 7x with PXG adapter. This shaft is untipped (straight in) and plays 45" installed. Shaft is in perfect condition and was only used for two (2) rounds. $175 6) HZRDUS Smoke Yellow 70g 6.5 flex with PXG adapter. This shaft has standard PXG tipping and played 43" installed in a 0341X head. $85 7) Aldila Rogue 85TS (stiff flex) hybrid shaft with PXG adapter. This shaft has standard PXG tipping and played standard length in 0317X head. $65 SOLD
  3. For me it's PXG 0311P Gen 3 and nothing else is even close. I've had plenty of Miura and other premium forgings but nothing feels as soft to me as the 0311P Gen 3.
  4. You guys aren't wrong about the weight situation. I've been frustrated with it too for the past few months.
  5. Any idea when these will be available for order?
  6. First pic shows PROTO stamped on the hosel.
  7. Yes please! It will have to be a good one to knock my gen 2 out of the bag but I'm looking forward to the battle.
  8. This has strong potential to make it into my 3-wood.
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