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  1. A picture of several holes from Tobacco road can be used in a dictionary for the definition of "blind shot".
  2. Golfer Paul, We just missed each other. I played on NOV 30 and then 2X on the BAY course later during my 10 day stay. Like you---I watch the tournament every year--BUCKET LIST course for me. 66 yrs old 15 index. Shot 86--par on #1 and #18--go figure. Sprinkled in a few pars the rest of the day and 1 Birdie. Played with some younger guys that played from the tips (#18) on a few holes. Mostly played from the REGULAR/RESORT tees . CART PATH ONLY made it tough. As far as the BLIND SHOTS go---there are quite a FEW out there. The wind doesn't help either. The other guys in my group were very helpful--1 MEMBER--local knowledge definitely helps. I would play again without a doubt. The BAY course is NICE also.
  3. I will be playing Sawgrass in early April. Playing the Stadium and Valley courses for 3 rounds. I need some tips on the courses to really enjoy my time there. I am playing to a 13 hdcp now. Average drives around 260-270 yards. Carry 8 iron distance is 160 yds. Any tips on playing the course(based upon actual playing experience rather than the yardage book) would be appreciated Thanks for you input.
  4. To play or not to play,Need the scoop on Tot Hill Farm near Asheboro, NC. Got a trip planned in Sept. What am I in for? Thanks for the feedback.
  5. Penley trimming instructionsI have some Penley SFS Platinum shafts. Can't find any info on trimming instructions. I'm trying to install them this week in some KZG ZO's this week. Thanks for the help.
  6. Thanks for the info. Have gotten that suggestion from quite a few other people.
  7. Thanks. I'll have to do lunch out that way one day.
  8. Just moved to the DC metro area. I know the benefits of being fitted and need to get my new sticks done. Any suggestions of clubfitters in the DC metro area. Thanks.
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