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  1. Are the results available on line? Don't think so but I picked up the mag to see what the article says. 'Numbers' are below: I'm a big fan of Cobra's woods, but I'm not totally buying the numbers shown here. Looking at the club head speeds, it seems like this was a very poorly controlled test. You could argue that the aerodynamic features that Cobra has built into the F9 improve club head speed, and maybe they do, but I have a hard time believing that there would be a 3 mph increase between the TS2 and the TS3. The differences in carry/total distance are pretty much what you'd expect consi
  2. im 47. i buy 3 drivers a year. ive had the rogue sub zero and m3 so far this year....ive definitely hit some shots where i never have before, 10 yards or so on the epic. i have however not found a setting or a shaft that has made me consistent enough to be truly happy. indeed interested in the gmax....1.3 hcp. driver swings speed 113-120.
  3. it seems the tour vs play softer. example my profile on the fit system i fit to stiff in c taper and tour but it says x in the tour v. so my guess i s when you compare s tour to stiff v you are actually playing like a soft stepped v.....its silly but maybe they have figured that out and are accounting for it in the fitting.
  4. Review. Technology is better than cobra, but at a cost of sound. so cosmetically they look fine. the address position they are not as offset as some are saying. really like the ping i series. they are long however heel to toe which is different. im a high ball hitter and fairly powerful. lazy swing hit my normal 5 iron 195. Ill break this down into 2 reviews.... 8-pw are soft forged. and they feel soft buttery. they bend super easy, easier than almost any club ive ever bent. so i have not been able to get used to these on the course, i tend to hit them fat. im sure its just decades
  5. i had m1 2017 d2 917 epic. its the epic for me. it has the forgiveness and feel of the titleist with more distance than the m1....by just a bit....feels sounds great.....im not in love with the green but from the top its fine.... it spins a tad higher than the m1.
  6. by doing this you have basically dramatically reduced the swing weight probabaly into the c range. basically adding some back weight....believe me it is not the same as just cutting it down. demo days are basically worthless to me. or used to be. but now i take my 44.5 playing titleist, cally, and tm shafts with me.....when i remember...
  7. im 6'3 and have used a 44.5 or 44.25 driver for ever.....i consistently hit the ball farther than anyone i run into except maybe 1 person i know of. if i use his 46inch i get by him as well... hitting the center of the face more important than an extra 3-4mph in the swing.......its also allowed me to add lead tape to the toe which if always needed anyway.....win win
  8. Play what you like. Do what ya like....
  9. i have hit all 815 816 and xr16 and i own most....im 110 ss.....on a good day 115. i found the 815non alpha and the xr16pro heads to play really similar.....on launch monitor. the high toe shot is my miss and the 815 with the core down produces the best results for that head....when i hit slight toe on the 815 it produces low spin bombs. more so that center hits(spins more). it actually feels like a toe hit but goes straight and long..when i say toe i mean 1/4 inch off center and up....when i put the core up those hits feel super sweet but spin too much so no go. the xr16 head feels flush ev
  10. I just put one in the bag, as a replacement for my 20* hybrid. I probably fall right in the marketing demographic for this club, (other than I generally elevate my G25 16.5* ok) : mid-80's driver speed, senior. Bought a mint used one sight-unseen online on impulse after seeing some reviews. I forget, did you buy the R or S flex ? Ha...I thought you might see this and chime in...Happy belated Thanksgiving. I bought the R flex. I did "demo" one at GolfTown while awaiting delivery. I think the one at GT was a tad softer than the one I got but that might be imagination. This feels bette
  11. king ltd won ....... separating the king ltd and the pro is silly ....its the exact same driver. no "tech" is different... the only difference is loft and face angle.... Separating these to drivers is like separating The M1 9.5 vs the m1 10.5....... super dumb.......
  12. i have 107 ss.......this shaft in 6.0 is a bit weird......inconsistent. one nut 2800 spin next nut 3300 spin.....occasional 1800 spin....my other shaft not that inconsistent from swing to swing...im assuming its the kick from the mid section and the 6.0 is just not stiff enough....i hope... ive ordered a 6.5 to try...
  13. great sound and feel....especially weight middle back...
  14. Warning.....the weight trac is designed in a way that is super easy to break if you are not paying attn. And as my buddy found out-even when paying attn........his lasted 1 day......I warned him to be careful because mine broke as well.....he bought the club cause we hit mine great. now we have 2 drivers that are worthless. I bought my demoed on ebay so far no luck from cobra. My buddy bought brand new from authorized cobra ebayer. even if he gets helped he waited 3 weeks after he paid for this club cause on backorder. Not listed that way. then it shows and breaks... be careful.....while
  15. The weight track is junk. my buddys broke the second time he moved it on the 1st day he was using it. mine took 2 weeks to break. Terrible.. So far cobra has only said thanks for the input. no offer for repair or refund because we bought of ebay. cobra fan but this is crap.....
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