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  1. Looking for Ping G400 SW Reg Flex. Black dot or Flatter.
  2. Could you please check these irons. I25 serial number 15B2381
  3. I was on the bridge of the US navy ship I was stationed on. Luckly we were in port at the time. Watched with the QMC on a 19 inch TV with a coathanger for a antenna. Greatest few hours of TV in my life, was a Norman fan a little but when he hit it right on 18 everyone watching yelled like crazy.
  4. Could you please check A1F66491 G410 IRONS Thanks in advance
  5. Just flat like this better than the upgrade version. Just like when I joined many years ago.
  6. Thanks for that. Wasn't that bad at all. Legs are feeling it today for sure. Played better than I thought I would after such a long layoff. 41-44 all the damage on back came on 2 holes.
  7. Going out this morning for first time in a few months. No carts allowed on coruse, walking and carrying bag, Took about half of the irons out to try and lessen the load. Will see if this old body can still do like when I was younger.
  8. Thank you for everything you do for all of us.
  9. Sorry for the trouble I mistyped number 00T6283. Ping I-200
  10. Thanks I will check again after work.
  11. Could you check on Serial number 00T0263 I-200 Thanks in advance
  12. Hopefully during my next eye exam we will be able to determine what that number is best for me. Will be looking for something on the less expensive side, So the Warby Parker suggestion is appreicated.
  13. Just have never tried contacts, thought that racing towards being 60 years old contacts would be kinda silly. But I think in different ways than normal people. have always just wore pair of off the rack sunglasses for golf. Could just continue to do that. Just thought that getting thoughts from guys on this site would be the best thing to do. Will try and make best use of what I have got from all of you. Thanks again
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