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  1. My FT-9 10.5 TourIissue came in today, shafted with a Fubuki 83X clock sleeved open 2 degrees, very very solid from the 10 balls I got to hit before dark, this and the R9 are the 2 top drivers this year bar none, I have hit both, I need a little more time with both to settle and make a solid review!
  2. 340 or 345........I sold my Daytona, then turned around and bought another, great putter line from TM, very very very nice putters!
  3. I have one and the adapter is .335 without a TP marking on it like the ones on Ebay, I found the shaft very easy to pull from the adapter, no problems there, reshafting will not be a problem with the adapter, the problem is finding the correct face angle setting with the correct shaft, thats why TM made the new graphics the way they are, so you can change the face angle and always see the same graphics at address..........with a non TM shaft, Neutral Upright aka NU can have the shaft graphics down, but switch it to Neutral aka N and the shaft graphics are looking at you at address..........will be alot of shaft pullings to set the graphics correctly at your preferred face angle unless you stick with the TM shaft offerings........but no problem switching shafts in and out of the adapters, easy as pie!
  4. lboeme

    C&L Dark Oil

    WOW great finish and putter........
  5. and they are screened on the shafts, can't peel them off like PX shafts, and supposedly stiffer tip for tighter shot dispersion but that could be all BS, who knows.......
  6. lboeme

    TPHD 6

    I am, yet it needs to be posted in the for sale forum with a price and some pictures :) PS......you have a PM lol
  7. those guys are made up names to make people think they are actually selling clubs.........3500 for a R9 is ridiculous, hell the economy is so bad I cant get 500 for mine! :russian_roulette: ..........is his used range rover on ebay still? LOL
  8. alot of bullet bottom soles out there, the napa valley had it, nevertheless Fax's putter is SICK!
  9. splits and fulls are 200% Miura forged.........its the only Miura forged tour set I have never owned unfortunately :(
  10. Hey guys wondering if there is any news of a new TaylorMade TP Staff bag for 2009? Or is TM sticking with the TMX Staff bag for 2008 and 2009 season? thanks
  11. all PM's returned.........as for the driver it was sent to me from a source at TM........I have not pulled the shaft and hosel adapter apart to see if it is shimmed or if it is a .335 tip.........I do know that they do NOT make the 6W06 Fuji in a .350 tip, only a .335 tip......sorry I do not know the answer, TM does NOT have the serial number in their records and I have not seperated this one since it arrived, and it is 200% authentic and legit!
  12. its a beast of a driver.........I have one in the bag and one in the BST ;)
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