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  1. Give it 5 years, with the way graphite shafts are getting better each year, and the ability to make them perform even for better players for faster swing speeds, there will be a graphite shaft sighting on tour.
  2. Agree with your hypothesis about edel being more about alignment. As someone who has never struggled with speed, but has always struggled with starting putts on the proper line, or bein gunsure about alignment after stepping up to the ball, I will say that they edel putter has changed my life.
  3. if you dont like spiked shoes, but still want great traction. GFORE's traction system really locks you into the ground, no matter the conditions.
  4. I wear the most comfortable pair of running shoes (ultra boosts or epic reacts) that i have.
  5. Galvin Green is very stretchable. Never had a problem swinging in mine!
  6. Proquip lets you order your specific inseam when you order the pants.
  7. The shipping is 2 days. The processing is up to Oakleys discretion
  8. Total NOOB here. I have begun calling local shops to strip a set of irons to raw for me. One of the shops has said that they offer one price for stripping and cleaning the head and another price for stripping, brush finish, and blasting the face. My question is, is the latter option necessary, and what does it actually do for the finished result of the club? Thank you!
  9. none are the same My mistake. :) Looks like they're all going to wear a similar color then :) Actually I think they are all wearing the same shirt one day. All the Adidas guys.
  10. The way you are playing is how the NCGA does their team play events. The way they keep it more even with the handicaps is that you take your 12 man team and put them in order from 1-12 and the pairings are done 1-2, 3-4, 5-6, etc. and corresponding ranks play each other. Because of this it is very rare that a low handicap will play a high handicap unless the entire team is made up of high handicaps.
  11. play a practice round. there are some visually weird lines off the tee. Also there are a few holes where you need to decide how far to lay back off the tee from a hazard.
  12. i wear icons almost religiously. will be getting a pair of gallivanter longwings when they restock the color i want. I am all about spikes in my golf shoes though which is why i havent tried the g/fore shoes yet.
  13. Magnum 44 seems to come up a lot in fittings that I do with players looking for a lighter shaft.
  14. I wear an 8.5 in all Footjoy shoes and a 9 in all nike golf shoes. I am looking to buy my first pair of G Fore gallivanters. Need help on sizing. should i go with the 8.5 or the 9?
  15. i dropped the hybrid and had my fli hi bent to a 2.5 iron and put a lighter shaft in it to cover more of the distance gap
  16. Another route that you may not have looked into is contacting courses in your area and seeing if they are getting ready to sell old rental sets or old demo clubs. You can get great sets for pennies on the dollar
  17. Coming from vokey wedges my whole life, The T7 wedges are the best feeling vokey wedge I have ever played. I didnt skip a beat going from vokeys to T7 in terms of playability and the shots I was able to play, but the feel is night and day better.
  18. I have the mp18s and i will say, they are the best feeling irons i have ever played. Even on mishits i dont notice a loss in distance that is glaring.
  19. I forgot who it was on tour, but they soft stepped their wedge shafts all the was from a 6 iron.
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