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  1. I've used Titleist woods and drivers for years. It all started out simple enough --- my dad was a club ho and gave me a set of three Titleist woods because he "couldn't hit the $*&# things". It was a 9* PT driver, a PT 15, and a PT 20. I couldn't really hit that dinky little 9* but that PT 15 and I got along great. So I went out and got a 975D, then a J and some 975F woods. Next came another J with a steel shaft and now it's a 905R and 904F 15*. I just fell in love with the feel and sound of them and never looked back. There is a 909H 19* in the used bin at Golfsmith that I tried out recen
  2. Love the steel. I used to play ( and still have ) a 975J 10.5* with Rifle 6.5 steel at 44". The straightest driver I've played. I've thought about putting a 460 driver together with a Rifle 6.0 steel wood shaft I have at home but just haven't done anything yet. Robo is giving me the itch again tho.....= )
  3. congrats to you....thought about you as soon as I saw that closeup of his putter on 18. That is a sweet looking putter.
  4. I bought a Tommy Armour 845 IWood hybrid. Liked the look of the head and it was my first time trying a hybrid club. Thought since all it came with was a R flex TA graphite shaft I'd reshaft it shortly after I got it. Took it out and just killed this thing. Still in the bag -- graphite shaft and all.
  5. [attachment=1170062:never comp sigma.jpg]one of these at 35"
  6. I'm using a very nice Carbite ZC that I found on the Bay for about $20. It may have a chance at kicking my Never Comp Z/I Sigma out of the bag. Stick with that old gem if it's working for you.
  7. When you say "ever", I would have to throw the Mizuno Comp EZ in there. I still want to find a nice set of those
  8. 904F 15 with DGS300. Use it off the tee more than anything but hit it 3 or 4 times a round. I use an old PT 17 for anything around 220 and for long shots off the deck on par 5s.
  9. Depends on your eyes. I have a hard time seeing the orange ones once they hit the ground. Used to walk right over them when my dad played them back in the 80's. Now the yellow ones I can see just fine.
  10. I think someone on here bead blasted one to get all the paint off. There were pics and all. Do a search of the forum for NC Milled and see what you find.
  11. If you are really on a budget, the Precept Laddie Extreme can be had $20 for 2 doz. They aren't a bad ball. They just won't spin a lot on the green. But they feel good and go pretty long. I've used them for awhile on the first couple of rounds of the year when my swing isn't the best.
  12. divot46


    still gaming my 9.5 with Purple Ice...don't see it going anywhere
  13. An old beat-up Indian head nickel, a Liberty quarter, I've got a bunch of stuff I use. Nothing bigger than a quarter though
  14. Still going to play my 15* 904F with S300 and my PT17 with steel. That PT is my favorite thing to hit off the deck on a par 5 second shot. No plans to change either one out. The 904 is awesome off the tee.
  15. 855's have a slightly larger size with a taller toe than the 845's. Offsets are about the same. The cavity back is slightly different on the 855's also, probably a weighting thing. T A reissued the 855 later on and those may be the ones with the yellow cycle in the cavity.
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