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  1. Driver , fairway wood , hybrid used one season . $75 shipped conus
  2. For sale ...Cobra one length forged . Used sparingly. These were re-shafted with steel fiber 95 regular flex . Shafts play stiff to flex . Standard loft and lie 37 inches .AW-4 plus 56* and 60* Wedges . Golf pride plus 4 grips like new . $800obo .
  3. A couple of interesting facts ... 90% of all golfer do not fix there pitch marks and/or replace there divot or rake bunkers at public and private links alike Not to mention they play from the wrong tee boxes for their skill level !90% of all golfer today do not know the rules , And are blissfully unaware of pace of play and golf etiquette in general . You ask Why ? Well take a Look at society in general, And you will have your answer. The answer ... It’s up to us as Stewart’s of the game to instill these values from an early age and reinforce acceptable behavior in the course , which as we
  4. Fact is, there are many causes for early extension...without a video of your swing, you might as well just spin a bottle and take your chances... Post a video so we can see what is causing your early extension... This is true to some degree... thank you. Yet , the major one is in fact rotation or lack there of it . The Monty video posted Is a great reference . Casting or throwing it from the top should be looked at next .
  5. Yes it’s called ....ROTATION So, it starts with letting the pelvis to move anteriorly ( or deepen the hip set) at the beginnings the down swing sequence . This allows the lower lumbar spine the flex and connect the facets which act like gears that allow maximum rotation through the turn rather than extension to make room for the arms and club . I’m sure your hips and or shoulders are stalling or slowing down Causing the an early release thus extension. You may have heard the term the “Snead squat “ google You mentioned Rory ... fast hips and maximum rotation at impact . Not everyone can do
  6. I will only post one reply to this topic ... My feedback has been perfect thus far ... I did not knowingly misrepresent any information on the clubs . According to all my research , and consulting with the former owner a fellow wrx'er the specs were accurate . The condition was excellent. I would have accepted a return of the clubs ... But he said he altered the lofts and lies a tried to bend them . First he left good feedback then he changed his mind ... And left bad feedback ... Well which is it ? What am I the PGA superstore with a 30 day play guarantee ? I'm supposed to just take these bac
  7. still available !!! Price drop . $550 on the clubs with shafts . Prefer to trade or sell that way 325 on the heads Have Somone for the shafts ....if heads sell separatly
  8. I have someone interested in the shafts ..... Anyone for just the heads ?
  9. Prototype burner B irons for your consideration I purchased these last summer from another member and played them just once ......here is the link http://www.golfwrx.c...-tm-irons-ever/ My research indicates that these are extremely rare only 25 sets ever made ( not to be confused with the Jspec burners ) which have the tp logo . grooves are conforming as they were produced for tour only use . These irons are carbon cast and feel and play as forged irons . 1* up 1/2 over . bladed pw-8 and PC 7-3 compact and have little offset. I just shafted had them shafted with Recoil F4 shafts with new deca
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