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  1. TW showing up for the match. TW interviewed afterwards : “You might say that. As I said, 9 and 8.”
  2. For all the cranky old guys, OP’s post is a humorous one.
  3. As always with these types of threads, there are many, many forged blades that are the softest.
  4. I finally retired my 58° Mizuno wedge and replaced it with the RTX full face 58. It’s a great wedge, highly recommend it. Not sure what would knock the zx5s out of the bag, really happy.
  5. Really enjoying my ZX5's added two Zipcore wedges, a 54* and a full face RTX 58* I see no need to change my 8-PW to zx7s as the ZX5s are doing exactly what I want from them. Playing them with the Modus 120 stiff. really starting to like those shafts.
  6. I’m not a kid anymore, started playing 20 years ago and got down to around a 13 hcp. Couldn’t improve and actually started getting worse. Recently went to see a guy who I new nothing about, except that he has Trackman and he was close. He teaches MORAD and spent a lot of time with Mac ‘O Grady. I decided what the heck and jumped down the rabbit hole. It has been both the most fun and the most difficult lessons I have had. Trending down, now an 8.4, and I’m only really getting into the swing now. Never thought that I would be getting better at this age. I think that rebuilding takes a plan, a good coach and practice, regardless of the instruction method, for the most part.
  7. Not quite as uppity as the songs posted here, but this is beyond good
  8. That visual is the ONLY thing I’ll be taking away from PXG, hopefully not for too long
  9. A great Canadian classic.
  10. Too lazy to check if this has been posted. R.I.P. Dolores.
  11. Yeah I like his original version best. I also like this original best as well.
  12. To me, most people are likable until proven otherwise. I have never met the man, but BD just isn’t part of that group. (to me).
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