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  1. If you don't drop a "Go Bryson!!" at Koepka, I will be seriously disappointed!!
  2. I agree. 2008: Wins US Open with A FREEKING BROKEN LEG!!! 2021: Not so much
  3. As I said, he had a good line and lie and chipped it close. We were just wondering what one could do using the full extent of the rules. I wonder what a PGA tour player would be able to do with that scenario, using the rules.
  4. Thanks for all the input so far.
  5. My buddy hit his ball out to the right on a par 3. To hit his next shot he needs to stand on the cart path. For the record, he hit it from there and made a nice par. If he wanted relief, what are his options? The area to the right of his ball is thick rough.
  6. I have the ZX5 with Nippon Modus 120. Came from the Z765s with Tour V's. I have no reason to go combo, I don't know what I would benefit from hitting a ZX7 PW vs a ZX5PW. Been really happy with the sticks so far.
  7. I wrote a letter to my golf club complaining about slow play. I had played at other courses much faster. I wrote a nice letter stating that something should be done and I was happy to partake in constructive discussion. Response : ******************************crickets******************************************* Having said that, play has certainly sped up. No one, however, was interested in constructive discussion. So I want to believe that my letter had some effect
  8. I use the zx5 gap wedge, next club is a Cleveland 54 Zipcore. Works fine for me.
  9. I didn’t read all the posts, but I am apparently one of the few that didn’t blend. Came from the z765s, went with the ZX5 for my whole set, 5-GW. They look similar to my z765s at address. I have had a bunch of fun with them. Went from KBS Tour-V to Nippon Pro 120. I wouldn’t know why I would replace the top end with ZX7s, the 5s are great all the way from top to bottom
  10. “Nobody used to make golf clubs the way we did. Period.”
  11. My first driver. 310cc head. I had been playing for a bit and used an old Alien 5 wood to tee off. Played in a charity match and won the driver for highest score with least amount of putts. I remember someone in the back shouting "Bah! Getting rewarded for mediocrity!" From the get go I bombed the thing until after two seasons I cracked the head. Still have it in the basement somewhere. (pic from ebay, too lazy to go and find mine).
  12. I’ll let myself out now.
  13. All personal feelings about specific players aside, someone is going to win this by playing the best golf. I usually don’t care much for this specific major, but this has been fun. Good course, nice scoreboard. Personally, I’m hoping Oostie lights it up tomorrow.
  14. Missing crow, what he should be eating after that terrible tv commercial
  15. I remember going on a fun golf trip a few years ago. We had a new player join us for the trip. He has since become my regular golfing partner. He showed up with a few boxes of these balls. Turns out he is approximately a 5 handicap and shot lights out and took all the prizes!
  16. Is the 5hcp playing with an LPGA tour player?
  17. Will the cream rise to the top, or will we have a surprise winner? Think I’ll go with a surprise winner.
  18. Yep, one ball that I really disliked.
  19. Entertaining read. So if I want to crash and burn, buy Callaway gear. If I want to get onto the senior tour, switch to Taylormade My buddy just bought PXG irons. Me: Lydia Ko's PXG irons have done her in. Him recently : Lydia PXG baby!!!! Me the next tournament: Looks like her equipment dragged her down again. Rory has been sucking the big one with the TM gear for the past while, except for this week, round 2 and 3 so far. Let's see if his equipment holds him up for the rest of the tournament!! Has anyone looked at the stats for peopl
  20. “Lord, what fools these mortals be!” - Louis Oosthuizen “Its better to live a goat than 100 sheep.” - also Louis Oosthuizen
  21. You describe something as “minty”.
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